Orecchiette Pomodoro



Ginger-bread and foie gras

7BB2BF53-3374-47BA-8C92-BF2544B74356Foie gras, or you hate it or you adore it. In my case, I do like to eat foie gras from time to time. The combination with ginger-bread and a bit of jam is just delicious! I’ve choosen two different types of jam: the first one is a jam with figs and Porto, the second one is an orange jam with Grand Marnier.

Blinis with philadelphia cheese and shrimps


1A869D5E-CDB2-4E55-9A28-E3B0708C0074You can serve the blinis hot or cold, I prefer them cold. Basic coat is Philadelphia cheese – you have them in different flavours. I used the Philadelphia with garlic and green herbs. Top coat are shrimps: « scampis » or « crevettes grises » – you can also go for « crevettes roses » which are cheaper, but I find them less tasteful. A touch of colour with some fresh parsley or some red chilli flakes. Easy, quick and so good!

Spaghetti ham&cheese

CA79107C-B96B-4F53-90BD-F0E9FBC32B08US National Spaghetti Day, this national day does not exist in Belgium. But as a huge pastalover, it’s my pleasure to prepare you my favourite pastadish today: spaghetti ham & cheese. Cook the spaghetti by following the instructions on the package. Melt some butter in a separate pan, add the ham and some cream. Let it simmer till the sauce is thickened. Mix the spaghetti with the sauce and as a final touch add some parmezan cheese. The perfect dinner during the week.