Tuna Fiesta

716CBF94-9E3E-493A-8A63-186555229453This is what we call a perfectly served tuna with sesame seeds on top. With different vegetables. Take those you prefer, I went for carrots, grean beans and zucchini, fried in a frying pan with olive oil.

A healthy dish full of proteins and vitamins. You don’t even need french fries or white rice to accompany. More than enough different tastes and for sure you’re not hungry anymore after this nice piece of tuna!

Enjoy your meal x


Fried potatoes, tuna & cherry tomatoes

3428DAC1-1556-4E84-8440-E7A925B6001BI wanted to prepare a « light » dinner as today was the first day with some sunshine since longtime. Potatoes fried in olive oil, cherry tomatoes with chives and tuna with mayonnaise. So easy and so quickly ready. Full of flavours, I can already feel the summer vibes.

Salade Niçoise

85EB63E9-D5AF-4150-98A6-59ADA4E8981BAs I’ve choosen my wedding dress last Saturday and as the 2nd of June is not that far away anymore, I started today my healthy program for the following three months. If you wanna look pretty, you need to suffer first!

Salade Niçoise … I use salad, green beans and tuna, I also add cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

The tuna goes perfectly with a lime chive vinaigrette. For this vinaigrette, you need to combine all following ingredients


Let the cherry tomatoes marinate 30 minutes in the fridge before adding them to your salad. Combine 1 red onion, a teaspoon of dried oregano, some olive oil and balsamico vinegar, and add the cherry tomatoes cut in pieces