Today is a good day!

Happy Monday! Breakkie time! Greek yogurt with vanilla taste, fresh pineapple (for him) and fresh strawberries (for her), pineapple/berries jam and sesame seeds. That’s a hell healthy way to start the new week!



Multifruit juice


Orange, passion fruit, strawberries, mango & pomegranate. In the blender and there you have your Monday juice, full of vitamins, to start a new week. In a good mood yeah!

Tiramisu with strawberries

6819630E-DC5D-4C58-BBC8-CFA434BB6AC1My all time favourite dessert is for sure one with chocolate (mousse, cake, biscuits,…). But I have to admit, this tiramisu with strawberries is also a topper! And my friends they just love it. Preparation time 15 mins, cooling down in fridge min. 3h.

Ingredients (serves 4)

* 450 gr strawberries

* 2 eggs (separate the yolk and the white)

* 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

* 60 gr white sugar

* 250 gr mascarpone cheese

* 1 cup of strong coffee (« espresso »)

* amaretto

* 8 finger biscuits


Clean the strawberries and cut them into different pieces.

Put the egg white with the vanilla sugar in the blender and blend untill the egg white is whipped up.

Put the egg yolk together with the mascarpone & the white sugar in the blender and blend for 2-3 minutes. Add slowly the whipped egg white and stirr with a wooden spoon untill you obtain a smooth egg cream.

Take a champagne glass and fill it as follow:

* strawberries

* 2 finger biscuits (you’ve rolled them in the coffee mixed with Amaretto and you’ve broken them into pieces)

* the egg cream

* strawberries again

* and finish with a layer of the egg cream

Fill three more glasses.

Min. 3h in the fridge and when you serve them, don’t forget to decorate with some fresh mint (what I clearly forgot if you have a good look at my picture 🤪).


Strawberries & watermelon

7721F516-A215-4F98-A1E9-CBC712FF5487This one you should try out! Schweppes zero with strawberry taste – available @DelhaizeBelgium. I added some water, pieces of watermelon and fresh basil. Let it cool in the fridge for 2 hours. You’ll be surprised, it’s a great taste and low in calories. I like ❤️


6129D737-4B86-4EAE-BAAD-0EB38550D63AThe husbie and I went to see a nutritionist, we’re already paying a lot of attention to what we eat, but in one or the other way we don’t really succeed in loosing kilos and… keeping the weight loss. The usual story no?

It’s a « change your mind, change you habits » program and it has to be done slowly, step by step. We have a new appointment next month and we each have three actionpoints. The husbie needs to take time for a breakfast (instead of skipping it), needs to write down what he’s eating and may not eat anymore after dinner. I need to move more (from 3000 steps a day to min. 5000 steps a day), eat slowly and limit the size of my dinner. We both need to reduce alcohol (once a weekend and max. 3 glasses) and if we go to a restaurant, stop the starter-main-dessert and limit it to 1 dish. A real challenge, we go for it!

We started this sunny saturday with a bowl of vanilla(me)/coco(him) yogurt with strawberries and lineseed. Always a topper!


Healthy snack

5CC4A2DA-C1B9-4315-A779-680FE1506F2AStrawberries, a healthy snack, altough they say that fruit contains too much sugar. My opinion? We are talking here about natural sugars, which are way better then the sugars you find in pastries, crisps, candy,… So I prefer to eat some fruit in stead of loosing my patience and having all of a sudden a « pastry-attack » 🤪

And as a little treat, let’s call it « a touch of indulgence », I’ve added a thiny, little piece of chocolat. Nice for the picture, and also nice for my belly!


Strawberries all the way

A300232D-FE93-422B-9BC3-2226169FB7ACOne week since we have started our « healthy food program » and already a nice result, -3kg. We have a lot of positive vibes to continue. And don’t worry, we do allow us some treats. Friday evening we went out with friends and had a couple of glasses of cava and we enjoyed a raclette/grill evening. It’s all about finding the balance between enjoying life and eating healthy!

Today’s breakfast… strawberries. We have a strawberry-apple juice (no added sugars) and a strawberry-rhubarb muesli yoghurt. Nice start of this beautiful Sunday 🍓🍓