Tortilla Veggie

D25B9FB0-3DC8-4D1F-B768-5C169396BE32Whole wheat tortilla with grilled vegetables (carrots, aubergine, red pepper, courgette, spinach) and some homemade pesto. Say hello to my lunch 🌟


Cod fillet with « fine champagne » sauce

47AE4F1F-F458-4BF1-B394-5DC7D88768C3Busy evening yesterday as we went diving. So didn’t have the time to post last night’s dinner. Cod fillet with « fine champagne » sauce. For real food lovers 😍

Ingredients for the sauce: 1 shallot, 120 ml fish stock, 1 glass of champagne, 200 ml cream. Melt some butter in a frying pan and add the shallot cut in little pieces. After 2-3 minutes add the glass of champagne and let cook for some minutes. Then add the fish stock and let again cook for some minutes. Followed by adding the cream and let reduce till you obtain a nice and consistent sauce.

As vegetables, a green touch of spinach and flageolets (green haricot beans). Steam them 5-10 minutes and they are perfectly crispy.

Pasta Pesto

B03BB0C1-9AD2-495E-9D7F-4CDABCF45387As we had tomatoes with mozzarella and basil yesterday noon, I had a lot of basil left. The perfect moment to prepare a pasta pesto – by preference a « low-fat and no sugar » version.

The « change your eating habits » is going well. I already lost 3 kg,  the blood sugar level of my husband decreased by 40%. It’s our first week, we’re still fully motivated. The secret is… staying fully motivated!

For the first time ever, I bought wholemeal spaghetti. And I am positively surprised, it tastes pretty well. Other ingredients of this pasta: chicken fillet, spinach and cherry tomatoes. And of course pesto.

This is how I prepare my pesto



Sweet potato lasagna with turkey fillet and bechamel sauce

161FE076-D499-4497-B266-EAE528F548C7This is an original way of preparing lasagna, only using vegetables and meat. The perfect dish when it’s freezing outside. You need to count half an hour preparation time and half an hour baking time in the oven.

186C07F3-C61E-488D-B742-F5AD1A6CE4FA1. Rub in an oven dish with olive oil

2. Create a layer of sweet potato slices

3. Create a layer of fried turkey fillet cut in pieces

4. Add 1 mozzarella cut in slices

5. Mix some grated courgette, defrosted spinach and 1 egg and add a layer of this mix

6. Add some bechamel sauce and grated Emmental cheese

In the oven: 30 minutes – 200°C and ready to eat!

Chipolata and spinach dinner

Sorry that I didn’t post on my blog yesterday. It was a tough day, I’m living in Brussels. There are no words to describe what happened yesterday. I wanted to prepare a meal tonight, with the colors of the belgian flag, but didn’t have enough inspiration. So I went for spinach in cream sauce (add some nutmeg and black pepper), boiled potatoes and chipolata.