Seafood tapas

B8F3F05E-89A6-455F-B9ED-3B78F4C19E07When it’s Saturday, the first day of your holidays and the sun is shining. You wanna go out, meet friends & have some tapas and a glass of white wine.

Hmmm! Fried squid (« calamars »), vongole and shrimps. I am totally in love with seafood. Can’t resist…



D5E969E3-F5C4-4C3E-B362-DC87166B02D1Mezze is served in a lot of different countries, often as a snack to accompany alcoholic drinks or as an appetizer before a multi-course meal. These are different small dishes.

In this restaurant where the owners have greek roots, they served it as follow: meatballs, feta with herbs and olive oil, grape vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, shrimps, tzatziki, tarama, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. More than enough, don’t need a main course after this lovely dish. Very tasty, very colourful. Hmm!

My version of the classic «Tomates-Crevettes »

974233E8-9110-473A-A931-BA521DDA9C7AYou can find this classic dish in all kind of restaurants but the best way to eat it, is when you prepare it yourself.

To serve 2 persons you need 2 tomatoes, 200gr grey shrimps, 1 boiled egg (hard: 10 mins of boiling) and a hand full of chives. The really healthy version is to eat it without any sauce. I do use mayonnaise to mix it all together. Serve it on top of some lettuce on a slice of bread… Our dinner on Tuesday evening. When you’re exhausted and you do wanna eat something healthy without spending hours in the kitchen 🤪

Ceviche with shrimps

94FEDCEE-F185-4439-AA4E-28BE88CFA821In times of watching the Worldcup 2018, it was my best friend from Ecuador who invited us over to watch the game. She prepared her great dish, ceviche!

A seafood dish popular in the Pacific coastal regions of Latin America. Typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices , such as lemon or lime, and spiced with chili peppers. Accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavour, such as sweet potato, corn or white rice. OMG, I’m just crazy about it!

And by the way… we did beat Japan, in the final minute of the game, 3-2, what a game! Next round… Bresil… Come on Red Devils!

Bruschetta Brunch

D3E994E9-8C10-4635-AAD2-009665F445FAOne of my favourite pictures! Taken in our Workcafé when I was waiting for a caffe latte. Those bruschettas are so colourful and they look absolutely gorgeous!

Three different tastes, my top 3 is

* For sure number 1: shrimps, cucumber, avocado and flat leaf parsley

* The second place goes to… goat cheese, raisins, walnuts, honey and chives

* And finally number 3: eggplant, peppers and pine kernel

Which one you prefer? Let me know. And feel free to suggest the ones you create yourself!


« Mezes » @ Strofilia

D59EEFF7-5F78-4E45-83EC-69B65BA9CEAE21D659F2-B6AB-4DFD-B1A6-AFE3CAD3195EF89B73DC-CB55-4A2C-9E91-375A0B6552A3Strofilia is my favourite Greek restaurant in Brussels. On the menu you’ll find different kind of « mezes » or little dishes. Especially choosen for spending a maximum of good time at table with your friends or family. That’s the idea behind these dishes. So no classical starter & main, but a choice between several cold/warm « mezes ». They suggest you to take 2 « mezes » per person. And that’s indeed enough.

We had sautéed squid with zucchini salad, grilled octopus with black eyes beans and « Spedzofaï » shrimps with a tomato sauce and vegetables. A very good choice!

Our following « mezes » were « Youvetsi » with beef cheecks (Greek pasta) and fricassée of lamb shank (vegetables and lemon sauce). Delicious!


This was again a great evening in a top restaurant!


Shrimps and shrimps… and again shrimps… I just ❤️ them


When you can’t get enough of shrimps! I could eat them in the morning, at noon and in the evening. I absolutely adore them. If you buy them in the supermarket, definately go for the grey shrimps (« grijze Noordzee garnalen ») @Delhaize. The best ones!

Invited in my brother’s place and trying to guess what he’s preparing us. He boiled some eggs and is peeling shrimps. I also see lettuce, carrots and tomatoes on the table. For sure, the rules for our healthy eatprogram will be respected tonight. Yes, me happy!

The final result, « tomates crevettes » or skinless tomatoes filled with a mixture of grey shrimps, boiled eggs, parsley and mayonnaise. A real belgian dish!


Shrimps, basil, red onion and lime vinaigrette

0C969BD0-9538-4234-84E4-B46BBFD200B3Today’s lunch is refreshing and full of flavours. Shrimps with fresh basil and red onion fried in olive oil with garlic. When ready, sprinkle with lime vinegar, just before serving.

It’s always good to have fresh herbs at home, you can use them in all kind of dishes and they always give the extra touch. This weeks herbs are basil and parsley. And I also got some watercress.


Salad & Shrimp « cocktail »

6A05194A-8DCD-486C-81AF-331FD65FBCEDI promissed you to reveal you what we had as starter-main-dessert in Brasserie Julie a few weeks ago. Well, look what a beautiful and healthy starter.

A salad and shrimp cocktail: roman lettuce, quails egg and watercress. With a bit of homemade mayonnaise. And if you’re wondering where the shrimps are…