Chicken « cordon blue » and a salad


Chicken « cordon blue » prepared on the grill without any butter or olive oil. Combined with a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. You can add some fried pine kernel. Gives it a nice taste!

For the vinaigrette: one spoon of champagne vinegar and two spoons of sunflower oil.

This is how you prepare a healthy lunch… when all of a sudden the husbie suffers from diabetes. And as from now on, we need to pay attention to what we will eat and drink. A real challenge for foodies like us!


Salade Niçoise

85EB63E9-D5AF-4150-98A6-59ADA4E8981BAs I’ve choosen my wedding dress last Saturday and as the 2nd of June is not that far away anymore, I started today my healthy program for the following three months. If you wanna look pretty, you need to suffer first!

Salade Niçoise … I use salad, green beans and tuna, I also add cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

The tuna goes perfectly with a lime chive vinaigrette. For this vinaigrette, you need to combine all following ingredients


Let the cherry tomatoes marinate 30 minutes in the fridge before adding them to your salad. Combine 1 red onion, a teaspoon of dried oregano, some olive oil and balsamico vinegar, and add the cherry tomatoes cut in pieces




71B842F1-72D5-421E-BDD5-74CCD24E4A27One of the biggest challenges when you’re trying to pay attention to what you’re eating, is the fact that you’re so busy running around all the time and that buying a sandwich (club, martino, …) in the shop is so easy.

Unfortunately that is, in my eyes, the only positive thing about it. They are often too big (half of a « baguette ») and too fat (too much butter or mayonnaise).

I prefer to buy myself little sandwiches and to choose which topping to use. Today I went for fresh salad, mini-tomatoes and chicken fillet. The juice of the tomatoes makes them « not to dry ». And you won’t be tempted to add mayonnaise. Why do you need more?