Salad with tomatoes and gray shrimps

94C810E8-CE6F-4F1F-B538-157B2FC7A379« Tomates-Crevettes » or a salad with tomatoes and gray shrimps. A boiled egg, a piece of lemon. Mayonnaise and flat parsley.

A real belgian dish on the day Belgium meets France in the semifinal of the Worldcup 2018. Come on Belgium, make us proud and write some history please!


Oesterdam Hamburger

Yesterday we ended our diving day @ Oesterdam Waterrijk in Tholen (the Netherlands). As always, tired in a good way, after having enjoyed diving. And starving!

We allow us once a week a little extra and this time we went for a real hamburger (minced beef, salad, tomato, cucumber, fried bacon and cheese) with fries. The typical fast food, but here it’s made with fresh ingredients and… with love. Hmmm, a real treat!

Grilled chicken with vegetables

09AEE0E0-EF3C-4CAE-ABA7-4E63A3DF8345Trying to keep on being original in my lunch combinations, while respecting as much as possible my diet rules. You can’t go wrong with a salad at noon. The only risk is to get borred very soon, especially if you don’t like much vegetables. I’m really difficult…

Fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. The basic salad let’s say. Accompanied with grilled chicken. Stays a classic dish, but I so love it!

Salmon rolls

D991333E-FED8-44CC-AB75-DB89F7A3A4BBI’m so much missing some sunshine. It’s almost mid-april and it’s still cold and rainy in Belgium. I need some vitamin D, I need some sun!

Going to bring myself the summertime feeling by preparing a summer lunch. Even the beachbag got out of the wardrobe. Salmon rolls (tortilla wrap) with salad and mayonnaise. Ready in 10 minutes. Let them overnight in the fridge and you’ll have a great lunch the day after! Bring on that sunshine…

Chicken « cordon blue » and a salad


Chicken « cordon blue » prepared on the grill without any butter or olive oil. Combined with a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. You can add some fried pine kernel. Gives it a nice taste!

For the vinaigrette: one spoon of champagne vinegar and two spoons of sunflower oil.

This is how you prepare a healthy lunch… when all of a sudden the husbie suffers from diabetes. And as from now on, we need to pay attention to what we will eat and drink. A real challenge for foodies like us!

Salade Niçoise

85EB63E9-D5AF-4150-98A6-59ADA4E8981BAs I’ve choosen my wedding dress last Saturday and as the 2nd of June is not that far away anymore, I started today my healthy program for the following three months. If you wanna look pretty, you need to suffer first!

Salade Niçoise … I use salad, green beans and tuna, I also add cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

The tuna goes perfectly with a lime chive vinaigrette. For this vinaigrette, you need to combine all following ingredients


Let the cherry tomatoes marinate 30 minutes in the fridge before adding them to your salad. Combine 1 red onion, a teaspoon of dried oregano, some olive oil and balsamico vinegar, and add the cherry tomatoes cut in pieces




71B842F1-72D5-421E-BDD5-74CCD24E4A27One of the biggest challenges when you’re trying to pay attention to what you’re eating, is the fact that you’re so busy running around all the time and that buying a sandwich (club, martino, …) in the shop is so easy.

Unfortunately that is, in my eyes, the only positive thing about it. They are often too big (half of a « baguette ») and too fat (too much butter or mayonnaise).

I prefer to buy myself little sandwiches and to choose which topping to use. Today I went for fresh salad, mini-tomatoes and chicken fillet. The juice of the tomatoes makes them « not to dry ». And you won’t be tempted to add mayonnaise. Why do you need more?