Pasta with peas and bacon

66A6C1F2-5EE2-4D04-8C52-7820AA15B633Time to try out a new recipe. I wanted a new kind of pasta dish. And something with peas. Let’s start…

Ingredients: short pasta, olive oil, red onion, spring peas, bacon (salted), red chili flakes, fresh mint, lime, parmesan cheese.



Cook the pasta « al dente » following the instructions on the package.

Prepare the other ingredients as follow:


Mix the pasta with the peas-preparation, add red chili flakes, parmesan cheese and decorate with fresh mint. Ready to be served. Enjoy this summer pasta dish xxx


Summer dinner

BBC4F8D2-23B4-421A-8424-BC6F57AE8B58I like the combination of warm (sausages) and cold (Ebly salad) food in this dish.

The BBQ ausages are fried in olive oil in a frying pan. Some black pepper, salt and red chili flakes.

Beside that, a fresh summer salad with Ebly (which you let cool down after boiling), tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olive oil with garlic.

Enjoy your meal!

A dish full of fish

0FDF9DC8-D5C3-4327-BE81-CF795C995730When you’re a fish/seafood lover, you always go and search for these dishes… wherever you go… And in Jamaica they do know how to serve fish!

The Negril restaurant @ Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton is that type of restaurant where you have a huge, various « buffet ». The one who says he can not find something to eat he likes, is someone who’s better staying home. The choice is enormous. Jamaican food, Asian food, Italian food, American food,… name it and you’ll find it over here.

I went for fish and seafood. A bit of paella, perfectly prepared with a beautiful taste of saffron. Gives the dish its yellow colour. Clams and mussels into it. And I took some extra mussels in tomatosauce. Nice and smooth taste. Couldn’t resist the smoked salmon. Prepared with a refreshing lemon taste. And finally some fresh crab. Pure nature: crab, red onion and parsley. I really enjoyed it!



Salad bar

C52E07DB-49A0-4A4F-B7AF-C6084C29CA25Beforing appetizer and main course, they ask you in Jamaica to go to the salad bar first. How to explain them that this kind of dish is already a main course for me?

The « couscous » salad is very nice, with a bit of sweet corn and some red onion. Perfect match! Beside lettuce, cucumber and green olives. A three pieces of cheese, just to obtain a colourful picture 🤪

Fried Vegetables


Vegetables fried in olive oil in a frying pan. Reminds me of the sun. Makes me thinking about a sunny country like Spain or Italy. Brings a smile on my face. I adore those colours: red, yellow and green peppers. One red onion and a hand full of thyme. Let it fry for about 20 mins. And ready it is. If you want, you can add some Ebly. Also tasty!


Shrimps, basil, red onion and lime vinaigrette

0C969BD0-9538-4234-84E4-B46BBFD200B3Today’s lunch is refreshing and full of flavours. Shrimps with fresh basil and red onion fried in olive oil with garlic. When ready, sprinkle with lime vinegar, just before serving.

It’s always good to have fresh herbs at home, you can use them in all kind of dishes and they always give the extra touch. This weeks herbs are basil and parsley. And I also got some watercress.


Grilled chicken with vegetables

09AEE0E0-EF3C-4CAE-ABA7-4E63A3DF8345Trying to keep on being original in my lunch combinations, while respecting as much as possible my diet rules. You can’t go wrong with a salad at noon. The only risk is to get borred very soon, especially if you don’t like much vegetables. I’m really difficult…

Fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. The basic salad let’s say. Accompanied with grilled chicken. Stays a classic dish, but I so love it!

Cod fish « papillot »

8A8767BF-642C-4449-9B95-F9AE4EE0A7BB.jpegI don’t think there’s a specific english word for « papillot » It refers to the way you prepare the dish; cooking fish or meat, often with vegetables and a sauce, in tin foil in the oven. You don’t need to add any butter or oil. Very healthy choice!

This one is with cod fish, green asparagus, courgette, sweet red pepper, red onion and mushrooms. Before closing the foil, finish with a bit of white wine and some cream. Cooking time: 25 minutes in a preheated oven on 200ºC.

Chicken « cordon blue » and a salad


Chicken « cordon blue » prepared on the grill without any butter or olive oil. Combined with a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. You can add some fried pine kernel. Gives it a nice taste!

For the vinaigrette: one spoon of champagne vinegar and two spoons of sunflower oil.

This is how you prepare a healthy lunch… when all of a sudden the husbie suffers from diabetes. And as from now on, we need to pay attention to what we will eat and drink. A real challenge for foodies like us!