Salad time

FB43C59D-5A15-41CE-8B8B-323466CD9C7EIf you need some inspiration for summer lunches, you can choose one of these lovely bowls. Tomatoes and spring onion or tomatoes with chives? Or a carrot-celery salad? Lettuce with red onion? Maybe you prefere greek pasta with feta and olives?

So many combinations, let your creativity play… and don’t worry, no calories in this healthy food. Please tell me which one is your favourite summer salad? All recipes are welcome!


Tapas por favor!

95748396-57F2-44B6-8043-DBBD42F353FCOne of these great summer afternoons. Sun is shining, people are happy. No reason to go home straight away after work. Taking time to relax and enjoy @pepete_and_ronron (lepage) – Brussels. Some tapas: Serrano ham, green and black olives, anchovies and lots of garlic. And an Aperol Spritz please. Life is beautiful!

Yesterday’s lunch

94FECA9E-5D00-4CF9-A785-36E06933D630Didn’t had time yesterday to post the picture of my lunch. Was a really busy working day and on top of that I forgot to prepare my lunchbox. Always a difficult moment, because in our company restaurant you are tempted to choose the fried dishes or the pasta dishes with a lot of sauce…

But I didn’t. I went straight away to the salad bar corner and created myself this beautiful and colourful lunch, full of vegetables. What a good girl! I took a small piece of       « américain préparé » and two spoons of « taboulé ». Healthy lunch yeah!

Le marché du samedi | Uzès

512A544B-FCA1-4B9B-8971-9A9AE49163A1It’s 12 days ago that I posted something new on my food blog. We have spent a couple of days in France, more specific in Saint-Siffret, a small village next to Uzès. Probably the only location on earth where there is no WiFi. So that’s why you didn’t get any new stuff from me…

They adviced us to absolutely visit the famous saturday market. So we did. What an amazing market! So many choices, so much fresh food. Vegetables all around: tomatoes (« coeur de boeuf » are my favourite ones), asparagus (I go for the green ones), courgette, artichaut, peppers, salad, fresh herbs like basil, thyme, parsley,… name it and you’ll find it here.


And what do you think about the fish offer? You can’t imagine how much fish is available and how quickly it is all gone. People are queing for it. I bought some « filet de limande » (dab) – very similar taste like sole. Hmmm.

2282F217-EBF7-4E70-9A21-1C138536FDC9The last picture I wanna share with you all is this one: olives! In all different colours. Prepared with spices and tasty olive oil. Oh yes, you realise quickly that you are after all in the south of France. « La vie est belle ».