Summer dinner

BBC4F8D2-23B4-421A-8424-BC6F57AE8B58I like the combination of warm (sausages) and cold (Ebly salad) food in this dish.

The BBQ ausages are fried in olive oil in a frying pan. Some black pepper, salt and red chili flakes.

Beside that, a fresh summer salad with Ebly (which you let cool down after boiling), tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olive oil with garlic.

Enjoy your meal!


Tuna Fiesta

716CBF94-9E3E-493A-8A63-186555229453This is what we call a perfectly served tuna with sesame seeds on top. With different vegetables. Take those you prefer, I went for carrots, grean beans and zucchini, fried in a frying pan with olive oil.

A healthy dish full of proteins and vitamins. You don’t even need french fries or white rice to accompany. More than enough different tastes and for sure you’re not hungry anymore after this nice piece of tuna!

Enjoy your meal x

Cucumber Avocado Salad

913C41AC-7C2F-4ACE-86DC-1C288A1B89B9Trying out some new salad recepies. This one combines cucumber with avocado, never tried this before and very happy about the result.

I also added a few cherry tomatoes and a « balsamic » vinaigrette: 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar and 3 spoons of olive oil with garlic.


And don’t forget some pepper just before serving. Gives extra « punch ».  I love this salad!

Cod fillet with leek in mascarpone sauce

8D4F6633-C5B1-4746-B5AB-82600D243566I wanted a little extra. That’s why I made some mascarpone sauce to accompany the leek. Goes pretty well together! And the cod fillet was just delicious. Easy to prepare, fry each side 5 to 7 minutes in a frying pan and add some pepper (I always use a mix of 4 different peppers) just before serving.

And as you can see, no carbohydrates. I have to be honest, I didn’t miss them this time on this dish. Before I would have added a lot of pasta (linguine), but it’s all in the head 🤪🤪🤪

It’s all about the olive oil

0712A29B-BA6B-490F-B250-55049D3A46C0Preparing tonight’s dinner. A lovely piece of pork fillet. On its best when fried in olive oil in a frying pan. And do not forget the shallot for extra flavour.

I use the olive oil with garlic from the « taste of inspirations » collection @Delhaize. Small bottles, different tastes, perfect for salads and/or for frying in a frying pan. You can find them with basil, lemon, peppers, walnuts, hazelnuts,…

Chicken fillet, fried potatoes and a green salad

743BE22F-5493-42EB-A8BE-8940011FB553This is a refreshing dinner, perfect after a sunny day. Quickly ready, ideal after a working day. Every one is happy in the house!

Ingredients for the green salad: shallot, green lettuce, cucumber and chives. Or you can go for a vinaigrette or simply use mayonnaise like I did.

The potatoes are first boiled in salted water and then fried in quite what olive oil in a frying pan. Add onions and red peppers and let fry for half an hour.

The chicken can or be boiled in water or be grilled on a grill. Avoid to fry it in a frying pan as we used already a lot of olive oil for the potatoes. And don’t forget, we try to eat healthy as our wedding day is coming soon…

Mustard preparations

26C12D1C-B84D-4E6B-8419-6FCF9FE5EF5F« Les comptoirs de Mathilde » is that typical french shop where you can buy local specialties. With one key element in all preparations: olive oil.

Most famous are the « tapenades ». You have them in different flavours. And they are perfect on a toast.

And what do you think about these different mustard preparations? Did you ever try mustard with « pastis », that famous yellow drink with aniseed taste? Not my favourite one…


Sun-sandwich ☀️

09C60DFD-CD97-4262-8575-D36F01E9CA55When it’s raining outside and you absolutely wanna enjoy some sunshine, you need to be creative and bring the sun yourself in your life. One way to do this, is by preparing this sandwich for lunch. Sundried tomatoes and olive oil, mozzarella, aubergine,… I can feel straight away the warmth! And I’m a smiling lady again!

Pasta Pesto

B03BB0C1-9AD2-495E-9D7F-4CDABCF45387As we had tomatoes with mozzarella and basil yesterday noon, I had a lot of basil left. The perfect moment to prepare a pasta pesto – by preference a « low-fat and no sugar » version.

The « change your eating habits » is going well. I already lost 3 kg,  the blood sugar level of my husband decreased by 40%. It’s our first week, we’re still fully motivated. The secret is… staying fully motivated!

For the first time ever, I bought wholemeal spaghetti. And I am positively surprised, it tastes pretty well. Other ingredients of this pasta: chicken fillet, spinach and cherry tomatoes. And of course pesto.

This is how I prepare my pesto