Seafood-rice with a tarragon touch

ADD87FD2-794B-419F-B00C-83B28CD2048AWe all know the famous « pasta with seafood ».

I wanted to try out something similar but different… Seafood yes, but only mussels and grey shrimps (much more tasty than the pink shrimps). And instead of pasta we’ll go for white rice.

Cook the rice following the package instructions.

Heat 2 spoons of olive oil in a frying pan. Add one red onion cut in slices. After 3-4 minutes add some mushrooms cut in slices. Followed by mussels (these are leftovers from yesterday’s famous belgian mussels dinner) and grey shrimps. Let cook for 5 minutes.

Finally add the cooked white rice and again 2 spoons of olive oil. Stir for a couple of more minutes and serve on your plate. Don’t forget to decorate with fresh tarragon. Enjoy your meal!


Feta salad

7E44D23E-805D-4EFA-B5B7-A9014B47F492When you don’t have much time during your lunch break and you do wanna eat something nice. Feta cheese with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Fresh basil and lots of olive oil. A resfreshing salad. You wanna taste?


D5E969E3-F5C4-4C3E-B362-DC87166B02D1Mezze is served in a lot of different countries, often as a snack to accompany alcoholic drinks or as an appetizer before a multi-course meal. These are different small dishes.

In this restaurant where the owners have greek roots, they served it as follow: meatballs, feta with herbs and olive oil, grape vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, shrimps, tzatziki, tarama, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. More than enough, don’t need a main course after this lovely dish. Very tasty, very colourful. Hmm!

Mozzarella lunch

On a nice hot summer day, we absolutely need a refreshing lunch. Today I’m in the mood for mozzarella. The classic tomato-mozarella comes up immediately. Some fresh basil hmmm. I love basil, fresh from my little appartment garden 😜 As topping I used balsamico vinegar and classic olive oil. Finishing with some black pepper and ready it is. Enjoy your meal ! Summer vibes x

When you feel lucky

We live in a speedy world: always being busy, running from one place to another, working all day, never taking some time for ourselves. We need to do the foodshopping, we need to bring the kids to their sportclub, we need to go to that birthday party, we need… we need… we always need to do one thousand things a time!

And that’s why it’s so important to take time to have a seat and relax. Talk to each other, ask your partner how he’s doing, how he spent his week at work, chat about future holiday trips or a one-day visit to a place you’ve never been…

Enjoy this moment with a good glass of wine. We opened a bottle of Châteauneuf du Pâpe (2016). Gorgeous taste! We also had some healthy snacks: grilled peppers and zucchini. This is such a beautiful moment when you realise you are so lucky ❤️

Revisited « Tomato-Mozza »

FAF0925A-7B92-4CDE-B222-77379A8190DCCook some penne following the instructions of the package.

Fry some cherry tomatoes (cut in 2) and zucchini (cut in small dices) in olive oil in a frying pan. After 5 minutes add the penne and some green pesto.

Finish the dish with mozzarella and parmezan cheese. Fresh parsley on top and you’re ready to taste this revisited « tomato-mozza » dish!

 Fish Carpaccio

95397078-97A6-4DF3-A574-B91E9798CD78Carpaccio, raw meat or fish, exists in different versions. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon we were invited at Leo & Max’s place. As they have a fish shop, you can be sure you always get served fresh fish, which is just perfect when you need to pay attention to what you eat.

Carpaccio is thinly sliced meat or fish, accompanied with lemon, olive oil, salt and ground pepper. Just delicious. This one is made of scallops. Food heaven baby! Thank you Leo, what a taste. Sunday chillday.

And look how beautiful the table was dressed


Veggie Salad | Chez Henri


I’m normally not a huge fan of veggie dishes. Just because to me there’s nothing better than a nice piece of meat or fish. As we went out for dinner with my colleague Nancy who is a huge veggie fan, I took the opportunity to taste this veggie salad.

Green asparagus, yellow zucchini, sundried tomatoes, roquette and… halloumi. I didn’t even know what halloumi is. A semi hard, unripened, brined cheese, made of a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes also of cow’s milk. It has a high melting point and can be easily fried or grilled. I have to admit, a bit of a special structure when you put it in your mouth, but the taste is very surprising! And so is this whole salad. Wauw, what a combination of flavours.

Thank you restaurant « Chez Henri » – we had a lovely evening, in a cosy place, spoiled with delicious dishes!




Greek Pasta lunch box

869982CD-9622-4836-9E05-08703AAC9282This is a great lunch dish! Easy peasy!

Greek pasta is what I call « in between rice and pasta ». Feta cheese, cucumber and lots of cherry tomatoes in all kind of summer colours. Final touch is olive oil and chives. Hmmmm!

By the way, discovered these @Sistema lunch boxes. I love them! So many different forms and sizes. For sandwiches, salads, soup, fruit, … very good price/quality!