Oesterdam Hamburger

Yesterday we ended our diving day @ Oesterdam Waterrijk in Tholen (the Netherlands). As always, tired in a good way, after having enjoyed diving. And starving!

We allow us once a week a little extra and this time we went for a real hamburger (minced beef, salad, tomato, cucumber, fried bacon and cheese) with fries. The typical fast food, but here it’s made with fresh ingredients and… with love. Hmmm, a real treat!


Spaghetti Bolognaise

26F2DABD-C32A-415D-8FBF-1AB5BE86713AI know, I know. I’ve posted already so many times pictures of this pasta recipe. Can’t help it, it stays one of my favourite lunch dishes: Spaghetti bolognaise.

You do know that in Italy they don’t do this bolognaise thing? It’s a belgian « creation » thinking we have italian habits, haha! In Italy they have the « al ragù » pasta that is quite similar, but you’ll also find many different recipes of it. And they don’t limit it to spaghetti, they also serve it with penne or tagliatelle.

My homemade sauce is prepared with onions, minced beef and tomatoes. Nothing else. Just perfect. And I love this picture!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

BC3F48E6-590A-42A0-A004-C788B41F65DBSunday evening, time for spaghetti. Been busy the whole day cleaning up the apartment. Especially the kitchen got a real make-over. We also went to IKEA and we bought some new kitchen stuff 🤪 plates, glasses, coffee mugs, … I’ll use them for my next food pictures.

Didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and spaghetti bolognaise seamed to me the perfect sunday dish. Minced beef, onions and tomatoes, that’s all you need for the bolognaise sauce.