BF97047B-9349-4A5A-A447-14CCAF3E9554Just before leaving on holiday, we went to see the grand-children. The little one of 5, Lewis, asked his granddad to surprise him with a good lunch. And of course the granddad couldn’t resist 😄

Croque-Monsieur aka a ham and cheese toast with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Nicely decorated with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. He made me laugh! A beautiful plate, no?


My version of the classic «Tomates-Crevettes »

974233E8-9110-473A-A931-BA521DDA9C7AYou can find this classic dish in all kind of restaurants but the best way to eat it, is when you prepare it yourself.

To serve 2 persons you need 2 tomatoes, 200gr grey shrimps, 1 boiled egg (hard: 10 mins of boiling) and a hand full of chives. The really healthy version is to eat it without any sauce. I do use mayonnaise to mix it all together. Serve it on top of some lettuce on a slice of bread… Our dinner on Tuesday evening. When you’re exhausted and you do wanna eat something healthy without spending hours in the kitchen 🤪

Salad with tomatoes and gray shrimps

94C810E8-CE6F-4F1F-B538-157B2FC7A379« Tomates-Crevettes » or a salad with tomatoes and gray shrimps. A boiled egg, a piece of lemon. Mayonnaise and flat parsley.

A real belgian dish on the day Belgium meets France in the semifinal of the Worldcup 2018. Come on Belgium, make us proud and write some history please!

Green asparagus and ham

11C5DF83-09E1-4EB8-B8A4-7A657025D2DFAgain another great salad. Green asparagus with ham. And a lot of tomatoes and cucumber. Some green and black olives. And boiled potatoes with shallot, chives and mayonnaise. A dish full of taste and full of flavours. I love this sunny summer time! Fingers crossed for Saturday… wedding day is coming and I do hope it’ll be a day full of sunshine and joy xxx

Shrimps and shrimps… and again shrimps… I just ❤️ them


When you can’t get enough of shrimps! I could eat them in the morning, at noon and in the evening. I absolutely adore them. If you buy them in the supermarket, definately go for the grey shrimps (« grijze Noordzee garnalen ») @Delhaize. The best ones!

Invited in my brother’s place and trying to guess what he’s preparing us. He boiled some eggs and is peeling shrimps. I also see lettuce, carrots and tomatoes on the table. For sure, the rules for our healthy eatprogram will be respected tonight. Yes, me happy!

The final result, « tomates crevettes » or skinless tomatoes filled with a mixture of grey shrimps, boiled eggs, parsley and mayonnaise. A real belgian dish!


Yesterday’s lunch

94FECA9E-5D00-4CF9-A785-36E06933D630Didn’t had time yesterday to post the picture of my lunch. Was a really busy working day and on top of that I forgot to prepare my lunchbox. Always a difficult moment, because in our company restaurant you are tempted to choose the fried dishes or the pasta dishes with a lot of sauce…

But I didn’t. I went straight away to the salad bar corner and created myself this beautiful and colourful lunch, full of vegetables. What a good girl! I took a small piece of       « américain préparé » and two spoons of « taboulé ». Healthy lunch yeah!

Chicken fillet, fried potatoes and a green salad

743BE22F-5493-42EB-A8BE-8940011FB553This is a refreshing dinner, perfect after a sunny day. Quickly ready, ideal after a working day. Every one is happy in the house!

Ingredients for the green salad: shallot, green lettuce, cucumber and chives. Or you can go for a vinaigrette or simply use mayonnaise like I did.

The potatoes are first boiled in salted water and then fried in quite what olive oil in a frying pan. Add onions and red peppers and let fry for half an hour.

The chicken can or be boiled in water or be grilled on a grill. Avoid to fry it in a frying pan as we used already a lot of olive oil for the potatoes. And don’t forget, we try to eat healthy as our wedding day is coming soon…

Salmon rolls

D991333E-FED8-44CC-AB75-DB89F7A3A4BBI’m so much missing some sunshine. It’s almost mid-april and it’s still cold and rainy in Belgium. I need some vitamin D, I need some sun!

Going to bring myself the summertime feeling by preparing a summer lunch. Even the beachbag got out of the wardrobe. Salmon rolls (tortilla wrap) with salad and mayonnaise. Ready in 10 minutes. Let them overnight in the fridge and you’ll have a great lunch the day after! Bring on that sunshine…

4 seasons salad & « américain préparé »


Did you ever try this 4 seasons salad @Delhaize? Carrot-celery, iceberg, red chicory and roquette salad. Perfect match with cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. As vinaigrette, I used 2 spoons of sunflower oil and 1 spoon of lime vinegar. Mix it all together and you have a fresh salad.

Served with « américain préparé » aka « steak tartare » or « tartare de boeuf » (it’s a typical belgian preparation of minced beef with an egg yolk, salt and pepper, worchester sauce and a bit of mustard). There are so many different ways of preparing it. Have a look on internet and you’ll see.

1164E3AC-79FD-47D6-B07B-23E35621C16AOf course, the home made fries are also present. And final touch, as being a real belgian citizan, mayonnaise. Enjoy!