Fried potatoes, tuna & cherry tomatoes

3428DAC1-1556-4E84-8440-E7A925B6001BI wanted to prepare a « light » dinner as today was the first day with some sunshine since longtime. Potatoes fried in olive oil, cherry tomatoes with chives and tuna with mayonnaise. So easy and so quickly ready. Full of flavours, I can already feel the summer vibes.


Beef stew & fries

35073944-22EC-4DDA-B073-5B645BD37B6EI already posted about the first (moules frites) and the second (steak frites) favourite belgian dish, it’s time now to present you number three…

Beef stew also known as  « Carbonade Flamande ». You ask ten people for the recipe and they will each give you a different way of preparing this beef stew. One adds ginger bread, another adds bread with mustard, blond or brown beer, chocolate,… Everyone has his own secret recipe 😀

And as being a real belgian, you serve this beef stew with homemade fries and « mayonnaise »