Chicken salad


Lettuce and tomatoes. Chicken and parmezan. Cucumber and chives. A few olives and a mayonnaise-yogurt dressing on top. That’s enjoying a nice summer salad. Healthy mindset, we don’t give up. Seven days and it’s our big day… getting married ❤️



Smoked salmon

2AC4B33D-6342-45AD-8CCA-91D42F668226Summer food, summer salad. Makes me happy. Enjoying the sunshine. Holidayfeeling all the way. Smoked salmon goes perfectly with dill. Doesn’t grow yet in my little garden, but it’s worth considering it. Although it’s not my fabourite herb, but with salmon it’s an absolutely must!

Mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumber and sweet corn. A vinaigrette with 1 spoon light mayonnaise and 2 spoons light yogurt. And of course some dill in it. I also added a boiled egg. Did you know they are very healthy (full of proteins) and that you can eat upon two eggs a day?


EFFA8E01-F8E5-4F00-A12D-8103DFC95729It was a tough weekend! Sunshine all around, 26ºC, invited on Saturday for a BBQ and on Sunday for a dinner. Thinking about the tips & tricks from the nutritionist… How am I going to survive this?

Apero: cava with appetizers. Two glasses of cava and we didn’t touch the cheese cubes neither the fried croquettes. Went for a couple of olives.

One merguez and one marinated chicken breast, and really a lot of vegetables: cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce,…

TIP: instead of adding real mayonnaise, we prepared a dressing with 1 spoon of mayonnaise light, 2 spoons of fat/sugar free yogurt (Danone activia nature 0%) and chives. So fresh and so nice!

Some white rice with quinoa on top. We never had such a « think about what you choose » – BBQ before! And I even enjoyed two glasses of rosé wine. You see, you can enjoy those sunny days on a healthy way xxx