Cherry tomatoes. Mozzarella di buffala. Black pepper. Lettuce. Olive oil and a spoon of champagne vinegar. Grissini. So easy, so tasty. Ready in 5 minutes. A perfect lunch on a working day. Got all these @OkayBelgium. And took for the first time these Grissini. Good stuff.



Sun-sandwich ☀️

09C60DFD-CD97-4262-8575-D36F01E9CA55When it’s raining outside and you absolutely wanna enjoy some sunshine, you need to be creative and bring the sun yourself in your life. One way to do this, is by preparing this sandwich for lunch. Sundried tomatoes and olive oil, mozzarella, aubergine,… I can feel straight away the warmth! And I’m a smiling lady again!


71B842F1-72D5-421E-BDD5-74CCD24E4A27One of the biggest challenges when you’re trying to pay attention to what you’re eating, is the fact that you’re so busy running around all the time and that buying a sandwich (club, martino, …) in the shop is so easy.

Unfortunately that is, in my eyes, the only positive thing about it. They are often too big (half of a « baguette ») and too fat (too much butter or mayonnaise).

I prefer to buy myself little sandwiches and to choose which topping to use. Today I went for fresh salad, mini-tomatoes and chicken fillet. The juice of the tomatoes makes them « not to dry ». And you won’t be tempted to add mayonnaise. Why do you need more?