Toast & egg

83DB8DE2-1A0D-4CB4-A5EA-0BC10554E18CAs simple as can be. Ready in a couple of minutes. A perfect breakkie to start a busy working day. Scrambled eggs with salt, pepper and parsley. Enjoy your day!


Oesterdam Hamburger

Yesterday we ended our diving day @ Oesterdam Waterrijk in Tholen (the Netherlands). As always, tired in a good way, after having enjoyed diving. And starving!

We allow us once a week a little extra and this time we went for a real hamburger (minced beef, salad, tomato, cucumber, fried bacon and cheese) with fries. The typical fast food, but here it’s made with fresh ingredients and… with love. Hmmm, a real treat!

Ebly, chicken, pineapple & mango coconut dressing

65731A02-F334-4F81-8FC1-7C8E6E535CB0Told you I was trying out some new sauces and dressings this week. Yesterday we went diving in the Netherlands and instead of having fat sandwiches or just biscuits, I decided to prepare us a little dish.

By the way, those eatboxes from « Sistema » are just perfect as you can separate the food and you only need to put it all together on the moment you’re really going to eat it. That way, all your ingredients stay crispy and tasty!

For the mango coconut dressing (based on the recipe from Sandra Bekkari, a famous belgian food specialist), I used the following ingredients (dressing for 2p): 1/4 mango, 1/4 apple with skin (pink lady), 50ml coconut milk, a touch of turmeric, black pepper and a tiny but of salt. Mix all ingredients for 1 minute in the blender. Suits very well with turkey,  chicken or fish like cod.



Bruschetta Brunch

D3E994E9-8C10-4635-AAD2-009665F445FAOne of my favourite pictures! Taken in our Workcafé when I was waiting for a caffe latte. Those bruschettas are so colourful and they look absolutely gorgeous!

Three different tastes, my top 3 is

* For sure number 1: shrimps, cucumber, avocado and flat leaf parsley

* The second place goes to… goat cheese, raisins, walnuts, honey and chives

* And finally number 3: eggplant, peppers and pine kernel

Which one you prefer? Let me know. And feel free to suggest the ones you create yourself!


Cauliflower sauce

3DA28A7A-8D13-4745-BDE5-3CA86A8A39C2I am a big fan of « macaroni » (ham and cheese pasta). But the béchamel sauce (aka white sauce – made of a white roux (butter and flour) and milk) is not the best thing to eat when you’re paying attention to what you eat. Only 14 days left and I’m getting married!

Today I made a cauliflower sauce as alternative for the béchamel sauce. And it worked out very well! Consistent and tasty,  I’m happy about the result.

Needed ingredients: 1 cauliflower, milk, pepper and nutmeg. Boil the cauliflower in water for about 20 mins and after that keep the cauliflower and a bit of the cooking liquid separate. Add some milk, pepper and nutmeg. Mix for about 1 minute and ready steady!

Chives & basil

65121DB7-BEAA-4C4D-AE54-CE9AB2F57055When you’re all the time preparing summer salads, you always have different fresh herbs at home. I told you already I have a kind of a little garden. Parsley, basil, chives, thyme and coriander. These are the perfect flavour-makers for pasta, salads, fish and meat,…

Today I had some basil and chives left and decided to put them in a glass of water. And when I was looking at them, I could’t resist taking a picture. What a beautiful colours!


1EC07022-5D49-4C1E-AA9C-5F0435C34661.jpegWas a busy day today. Spent the morning in the hospital for a check-up. Back home around noun to start my homeworking. And went to the weekly dive training tonight. Not much time today to be creative with my recipes. Only one post.

Had this little toast just before leaving to the swimming pool tonight. « Knäckebröd » is the swedish word for crispbread. I bought them in the Albert Heijn shop. With some Philadelphia light cheese, salmon and lettuce on it, it is a perfect « light » meal just before you go to do sport.



Fried Vegetables


Vegetables fried in olive oil in a frying pan. Reminds me of the sun. Makes me thinking about a sunny country like Spain or Italy. Brings a smile on my face. I adore those colours: red, yellow and green peppers. One red onion and a hand full of thyme. Let it fry for about 20 mins. And ready it is. If you want, you can add some Ebly. Also tasty!


« Mezes » @ Strofilia

D59EEFF7-5F78-4E45-83EC-69B65BA9CEAE21D659F2-B6AB-4DFD-B1A6-AFE3CAD3195EF89B73DC-CB55-4A2C-9E91-375A0B6552A3Strofilia is my favourite Greek restaurant in Brussels. On the menu you’ll find different kind of « mezes » or little dishes. Especially choosen for spending a maximum of good time at table with your friends or family. That’s the idea behind these dishes. So no classical starter & main, but a choice between several cold/warm « mezes ». They suggest you to take 2 « mezes » per person. And that’s indeed enough.

We had sautéed squid with zucchini salad, grilled octopus with black eyes beans and « Spedzofaï » shrimps with a tomato sauce and vegetables. A very good choice!

Our following « mezes » were « Youvetsi » with beef cheecks (Greek pasta) and fricassée of lamb shank (vegetables and lemon sauce). Delicious!


This was again a great evening in a top restaurant!