Short-fried candied cod fish, butter sauce with capers and pea cream with parsley

1CC28872-316F-4E4B-8F91-5A9980A16E1DThis is one of the recipes we prepared during our workshop at the Eat!DrinkBordeaux Food Festival in Brussels. A 4-days-during food event that you don’t wanna miss as foodlover!

The recipe is created by Bruno Antoine, a famous bistronomy chef in Brussels. Serves 4 as starter.

Candied cod fish

Cut 250gr cod fish into similar pieces. Mix 130gr salt with 70gr sugar. Cover the fish with the salt-sugar mixture and let it rest.

Butter sauce with capers

Cut 2 tomatoes into similar pieces. Finely chop 2 shallots and a hand full of chervil & chives. Put the tomatoes and the herbs into a bowl, add the juice of 1 lemon, 10cl olive oil and a hand full of mini-capers. Salt & pepper and stirr the whole mixture with a fork. Put aside in the fridge.

Pea cream with parsley

Poach during 4-5 mins 250gr of peas in 500ml vegetable stock. Let them cool down in ice cold water. Poach during 30 seconds a hand full of parsley in the same stock. Let them also cool down in ice cold water. Once cold, everything goes into a blender, add a bit of vegetable stock and blend untill smooth. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg and blend for another 10 seconds. Pass through a sieve (24h).

Easy to prepare everything the day before your guests are coming over. Just before you take a seat at the table, you can dress the dish and your starter is ready in 5 mins.





Easy Hummus Recipe

Perfect appetizer during summertime. You can either buy hummus in your supermarket or either prepare it yourself. So easy and so quickly ready. I always use this easy hummus recipe from the BBC Good Food website.

If you don’t have tahini paste you can prepare this yourself by mixing sesame seeds with water untill you get a thick paste. My final touch is adding some cherry tomatoes and red chili flakes on top. Gives that little extra flavour ❤️

Salad with tomatoes and gray shrimps

94C810E8-CE6F-4F1F-B538-157B2FC7A379« Tomates-Crevettes » or a salad with tomatoes and gray shrimps. A boiled egg, a piece of lemon. Mayonnaise and flat parsley.

A real belgian dish on the day Belgium meets France in the semifinal of the Worldcup 2018. Come on Belgium, make us proud and write some history please!

 Fish Carpaccio

95397078-97A6-4DF3-A574-B91E9798CD78Carpaccio, raw meat or fish, exists in different versions. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon we were invited at Leo & Max’s place. As they have a fish shop, you can be sure you always get served fresh fish, which is just perfect when you need to pay attention to what you eat.

Carpaccio is thinly sliced meat or fish, accompanied with lemon, olive oil, salt and ground pepper. Just delicious. This one is made of scallops. Food heaven baby! Thank you Leo, what a taste. Sunday chillday.

And look how beautiful the table was dressed


Ceviche with shrimps

94FEDCEE-F185-4439-AA4E-28BE88CFA821In times of watching the Worldcup 2018, it was my best friend from Ecuador who invited us over to watch the game. She prepared her great dish, ceviche!

A seafood dish popular in the Pacific coastal regions of Latin America. Typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices , such as lemon or lime, and spiced with chili peppers. Accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavour, such as sweet potato, corn or white rice. OMG, I’m just crazy about it!

And by the way… we did beat Japan, in the final minute of the game, 3-2, what a game! Next round… Bresil… Come on Red Devils!


078A65AD-B7A7-4190-BD09-7980296E7D35Sunday we were invited for a birthday party. A little group of 10 people. Our hostess Elka is Equatorian and she loves cooking. I’m always excited when I’m invited to her house. For sure it won’t be the classic belgian dishes we get served.

It was a lovely, sunny day. Just perfect. We even jumped in the swimming pool. The water was only 21ºC, a little bit freezing LOL.

Elka prepared us a Paella with seafood: gamba’s, prawns, mussels, calamares, clams,… Freshly prepared, hours of work. What an amazing taste! Thank you Elka 😘

A dish full of fish

0FDF9DC8-D5C3-4327-BE81-CF795C995730When you’re a fish/seafood lover, you always go and search for these dishes… wherever you go… And in Jamaica they do know how to serve fish!

The Negril restaurant @ Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton is that type of restaurant where you have a huge, various « buffet ». The one who says he can not find something to eat he likes, is someone who’s better staying home. The choice is enormous. Jamaican food, Asian food, Italian food, American food,… name it and you’ll find it over here.

I went for fish and seafood. A bit of paella, perfectly prepared with a beautiful taste of saffron. Gives the dish its yellow colour. Clams and mussels into it. And I took some extra mussels in tomatosauce. Nice and smooth taste. Couldn’t resist the smoked salmon. Prepared with a refreshing lemon taste. And finally some fresh crab. Pure nature: crab, red onion and parsley. I really enjoyed it!



Sole Meunière

0898206D-CBE2-49AA-AE8A-5275815BB0EB20F64F26-45ED-4C6B-B443-DF21800BDD6F« Sole Meunière » or fried sole, a real delicacy when it’s perfectly prepared.

Dredge the sole in flour before you fry it in a frying pan with butter. A couple of minutes one side, turn and a few minutes the other side.

Serve it with the resulting brown butter sauce, French fries and a mixed salad. A squeeze of lemon juice just before you start eating. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is absolutely a gorgeous fish dish. For real food lovers and fish addicts!

Flavoured olive oils


Found this cute box in my brother’s place and googled straight away « Azada » when I got home. They are producers of artisan flavoured olive oils and virgin nut oils from Spain (@azada_oils).

This lovely set of five bottles of flavoured olive oils (orange, chilli, lemon, basil and garlic) is one of their bestsellers. A great gift for a food lover! Perfect to take along picnics or on-the-go meals. And of course prepared without any artificial flavours or additives.

You can count me in! Check ou their website


Oysters & champagne

What a beautiful day it was today. Sunshine all the way, 29ºC, feeling blessed. And as we’re living in Belgium where it’s most of the time cold and gray, we immediately go out on those days and leave all our « to do’s » at home.

We had a walk and when the moment arrived we were getting thirsty, we bumped into a nice and cosy little fish bar. Perfect moment for a glass of champagne and some oysters. Ohh what can life be so beautiful!