Mango dressing

842F1609-90EC-405C-97B5-9934101D9EDEThis is one of the new dressings I wanted to try out. Summer time is salad time, but you need to be creative with the dressings, otherwise you’ll get quickly bored with this healthy food.

Mango dressing is easy to prepare and ready in a couple of minutes. You only need three ingredients and a blender. It has a very « fresh » taste, just perfect for these nice and warm summer days.

Now you need to try out how to combine with other food. This is always the exciting part. For this lunch, I’ve choosen grilled chicken and watercress. Oh and I had some leftover from the pasta-cucumber-avocadosalad I made yesterday. Suits well 👍



Grilled chicken with vegetables

09AEE0E0-EF3C-4CAE-ABA7-4E63A3DF8345Trying to keep on being original in my lunch combinations, while respecting as much as possible my diet rules. You can’t go wrong with a salad at noon. The only risk is to get borred very soon, especially if you don’t like much vegetables. I’m really difficult…

Fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. The basic salad let’s say. Accompanied with grilled chicken. Stays a classic dish, but I so love it!