Roasted chicken with cognac sauce

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The husband prepared his famous mussels… “une bonne casserole de moules”… A lot of vegetables, some cream and some white wine. Shouldn’t be more than that. Served with homemade french fries and the one and only mussels sauce. Oh what a lovely dinner. Lucky me!

Chez Bubba | Jamaica

0CEE1D4F-3B9D-465F-BA4C-162314CB3E1BYesterday evening we went with our new American friends from Texas to the Steakhouse Chez Bubba in the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton (Lucea, Jamaica).

When we came in, I noticed immediately the nice wall decoration. Julia Child’s statement « the only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook » is just a perfect sentence!

By the way, I had a Lady Hamilton burger with beef, bacon and fried onions. Big french fries and Heinz mayonnaise. OMG, it will be hard to be home again and restart the healthy food program… Let’s enjoy those last holidays 🌴

Sole Meunière

0898206D-CBE2-49AA-AE8A-5275815BB0EB20F64F26-45ED-4C6B-B443-DF21800BDD6F« Sole Meunière » or fried sole, a real delicacy when it’s perfectly prepared.

Dredge the sole in flour before you fry it in a frying pan with butter. A couple of minutes one side, turn and a few minutes the other side.

Serve it with the resulting brown butter sauce, French fries and a mixed salad. A squeeze of lemon juice just before you start eating. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is absolutely a gorgeous fish dish. For real food lovers and fish addicts!


Poutine is a Canadian dish, originating in the province of Quebec, made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. As a Belgian I have to admet that the french fries are not as good as the Belgian ones, but it’s worth a taste! In a traditional Quebec poutine you’ll find:

  • french fries: usually of medium thickness and fried such that the inside stays soft while the outside is crispy. Although with the gravy as topping, they get quickly soft.
  • cheese curds: used to give the desired texture. Usually they are of a small size. Poutine’s “squeaky” cheese curds are cooked, then allowed to cure to develop tanginess.
  • brown gravy: a light and thin chicken, veal or turkey gravy, somewhat salty and mildly spiced with a hint of pepper or a sauce brune which is a combination of beef and chicken stock, a variant originating in Quebec.
(source Wikipedia)
I’ve tasted them at the “festival of Quebec” in Brussels. And I have to say… not bad at all!