Bruschetta Brunch

D3E994E9-8C10-4635-AAD2-009665F445FAOne of my favourite pictures! Taken in our Workcafé when I was waiting for a caffe latte. Those bruschettas are so colourful and they look absolutely gorgeous!

Three different tastes, my top 3 is

* For sure number 1: shrimps, cucumber, avocado and flat leaf parsley

* The second place goes to… goat cheese, raisins, walnuts, honey and chives

* And finally number 3: eggplant, peppers and pine kernel

Which one you prefer? Let me know. And feel free to suggest the ones you create yourself!



Squid with wild garlic, eggplant and miso

41F5337E-0664-49FE-8772-1FCEA9281830.jpegAnother starter @ Brasserie Julie | St-Martens-Bodegem. Squid with wild garlic, eggplant and miso. This was my little brother’s starter. Oh… and yeah, he really enjoyed it. I can’t even describe all the flavours this dish brings in your mouth. It’s just incredible! I think that even people who do not like seafood, would also enjoy for 100% this dish…