BF97047B-9349-4A5A-A447-14CCAF3E9554Just before leaving on holiday, we went to see the grand-children. The little one of 5, Lewis, asked his granddad to surprise him with a good lunch. And of course the granddad couldn’t resist 😄

Croque-Monsieur aka a ham and cheese toast with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Nicely decorated with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. He made me laugh! A beautiful plate, no?


Feta salad

7E44D23E-805D-4EFA-B5B7-A9014B47F492When you don’t have much time during your lunch break and you do wanna eat something nice. Feta cheese with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Fresh basil and lots of olive oil. A resfreshing salad. You wanna taste?


D5E969E3-F5C4-4C3E-B362-DC87166B02D1Mezze is served in a lot of different countries, often as a snack to accompany alcoholic drinks or as an appetizer before a multi-course meal. These are different small dishes.

In this restaurant where the owners have greek roots, they served it as follow: meatballs, feta with herbs and olive oil, grape vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, shrimps, tzatziki, tarama, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. More than enough, don’t need a main course after this lovely dish. Very tasty, very colourful. Hmm!

Salad time

FB43C59D-5A15-41CE-8B8B-323466CD9C7EIf you need some inspiration for summer lunches, you can choose one of these lovely bowls. Tomatoes and spring onion or tomatoes with chives? Or a carrot-celery salad? Lettuce with red onion? Maybe you prefere greek pasta with feta and olives?

So many combinations, let your creativity play… and don’t worry, no calories in this healthy food. Please tell me which one is your favourite summer salad? All recipes are welcome!

My fav maki

2CBDE096-8720-4507-AB78-831620C459C3Makisu, a well-known sushi-shop in Belgium. They have different shops and one of them is around our corner. Lucky us… Although the husband isn’t a huge fan I have to say. But I can eat them at any moment!

My favourite maki are

* mystery mushroom: Shiitake and enoki mushroom, avocado, cashew spread

* dragon rolls: shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame

Have a look at the menu and let me know which one is your favourite


Greek Pasta lunch box

869982CD-9622-4836-9E05-08703AAC9282This is a great lunch dish! Easy peasy!

Greek pasta is what I call « in between rice and pasta ». Feta cheese, cucumber and lots of cherry tomatoes in all kind of summer colours. Final touch is olive oil and chives. Hmmmm!

By the way, discovered these @Sistema lunch boxes. I love them! So many different forms and sizes. For sandwiches, salads, soup, fruit, … very good price/quality!

Summer dinner

BBC4F8D2-23B4-421A-8424-BC6F57AE8B58I like the combination of warm (sausages) and cold (Ebly salad) food in this dish.

The BBQ ausages are fried in olive oil in a frying pan. Some black pepper, salt and red chili flakes.

Beside that, a fresh summer salad with Ebly (which you let cool down after boiling), tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olive oil with garlic.

Enjoy your meal!

Salad bar

C52E07DB-49A0-4A4F-B7AF-C6084C29CA25Beforing appetizer and main course, they ask you in Jamaica to go to the salad bar first. How to explain them that this kind of dish is already a main course for me?

The « couscous » salad is very nice, with a bit of sweet corn and some red onion. Perfect match! Beside lettuce, cucumber and green olives. A three pieces of cheese, just to obtain a colourful picture 🤪

Green asparagus and ham

11C5DF83-09E1-4EB8-B8A4-7A657025D2DFAgain another great salad. Green asparagus with ham. And a lot of tomatoes and cucumber. Some green and black olives. And boiled potatoes with shallot, chives and mayonnaise. A dish full of taste and full of flavours. I love this sunny summer time! Fingers crossed for Saturday… wedding day is coming and I do hope it’ll be a day full of sunshine and joy xxx