Yesterday’s lunch

94FECA9E-5D00-4CF9-A785-36E06933D630Didn’t had time yesterday to post the picture of my lunch. Was a really busy working day and on top of that I forgot to prepare my lunchbox. Always a difficult moment, because in our company restaurant you are tempted to choose the fried dishes or the pasta dishes with a lot of sauce…

But I didn’t. I went straight away to the salad bar corner and created myself this beautiful and colourful lunch, full of vegetables. What a good girl! I took a small piece of       « américain préparé » and two spoons of « taboulé ». Healthy lunch yeah!



A159F499-6C68-48D6-B4F2-54E7A311FF26Probably the most famous french vegetarian dish. Full of flavours, healthy as can be.

My ingredients: aubergine, courgette, sweet red pepper (original recipe: red or yellow peppers), shallot (original recipe: onion), veal stock (original recipe: red wine vinegar), tomatoes and some herbs: rosemary and bay leaf (original recipe: basil).

Fry some olive oil in a frying pan, add the vegetables and the herbs, a bit of sugar and let stir for 30-40 minutes.

Cod fish « papillot »

8A8767BF-642C-4449-9B95-F9AE4EE0A7BB.jpegI don’t think there’s a specific english word for « papillot » It refers to the way you prepare the dish; cooking fish or meat, often with vegetables and a sauce, in tin foil in the oven. You don’t need to add any butter or oil. Very healthy choice!

This one is with cod fish, green asparagus, courgette, sweet red pepper, red onion and mushrooms. Before closing the foil, finish with a bit of white wine and some cream. Cooking time: 25 minutes in a preheated oven on 200ºC.

Sweet potato lasagna with turkey fillet and bechamel sauce

161FE076-D499-4497-B266-EAE528F548C7This is an original way of preparing lasagna, only using vegetables and meat. The perfect dish when it’s freezing outside. You need to count half an hour preparation time and half an hour baking time in the oven.

186C07F3-C61E-488D-B742-F5AD1A6CE4FA1. Rub in an oven dish with olive oil

2. Create a layer of sweet potato slices

3. Create a layer of fried turkey fillet cut in pieces

4. Add 1 mozzarella cut in slices

5. Mix some grated courgette, defrosted spinach and 1 egg and add a layer of this mix

6. Add some bechamel sauce and grated Emmental cheese

In the oven: 30 minutes – 200°C and ready to eat!

Fried sea bass

17CDA903-2165-488A-B2FE-40D84CB25DD3I try to cook as much healthy as I can and I therefore always use olive oil instead of butter. But there are two exceptions for which I do use butter: steak and fish. They absolutely need to be fried in a frying pan full of butter! What a difference in taste. PS don’t count the calories 🤫

This evening we had a lovely, fresh piece of sea bass with purée and « courgettini » of carrots and courgette. I don’t think there’s an english word for « courgettini ». If so, please let me know! These are small strings of carrots and courgette, you simply fry them in the frying pan with the sea bass. Enjoy your meal!