Friday morning

F4DA4A83-326E-4901-888B-1028945C8E29Last day of work this week. Not much time for breakkie so  a quick sandwich with cheese will do. And a coffee of course! Enjoy your day, happy friday guys!


Coffee o’clock

6D90C8F8-944B-4AAA-A5E4-F7FCCC689699When you’re a real coffee lover, every moment of the day is a good moment to have a cup of coffee.

When I get up, my favourite one is a black coffee. At work, I prefer a coffee with cream. When I go out to enjoy a coffee, I choose a macchiato (sometimes I add vanilla or caramel sirup). Or after dinner, it’ll be an italian coffee, one with Amaretto.

Which one is your number one?


BB65126A-97B0-41CA-B396-B7BD94FEE3C7Sunday morning. Early bird, me, is already awake. The husband is still sleeping and I’m sure he will only get up around noon. So I’m enjoying a coffee and wondering what I’ll serve him later on. A brunchy-thing… all suggestions are welcome!

In the meanwhile I’m also watching the tulips on the kitchen table. Not really a foodpic, but such beautiful colours, that I want to share them with you xxx


Let’s enjoy a coffee together

6B398171-120C-415A-864D-746B5C08BA5DAfter a busy day at work, we always take a moment to discuss together what happened that day. It’s important to share those feelings, otherwise I think you are just living next to eachother, going from one day to the other.

We do it every day, always with a cup of coffee in our hands. And sometimes, like today, we even have a little biscuit. I love those moments.