Yesterday we had a kind of teambuilding. How to react on changes and how to prepare our new way of working. A whole-day-workshop in the Novotel St-Catherine | Brussels. Indeed, next to my door, 5 minutes walk. What a comfort!

Starting with a good breakfast is essential. I saw these cute granola jars in glass. Pay attention to the names of the different granolas: shocking chocolate, sneaky cinnamon, crumbling coconut, whizzy walnut.

Which one would you like to taste?!




A coffee will do

DC64824E-A47A-4DB8-A90E-E1371FC5A2A4OMG how delicious looks this little treat? Chocolate and whipped cream. And meringue! Hmmm my belly would enjoy a lot. But I’m a strong woman. I won’t touch this beauty. A coffee will do. I’m getting married within 5 days and I’m still motivated to go on with the healthy way of eating. Lost almost 5kg, very proud, very happy!