Lobster & oven baked ham

E9FD5E27-BB89-49A3-AB67-F67C6F6B8994We were invited to Melany’s 21st birthday party @ Kasteel Coninxdonck in Gentbrugge. It’s always great being invited, but even more when it’s a party with a specific « theme » : the Great Gatsby! We were all dressed up and we had great fun.

The food they served was delicious. Look at this beautiful starter. A combination of lobster and oven baked ham. The perfect proof that you can combine fish and meat. Rucola, cherry tomatoes and a boiled egg, with a « vinaigrette » of chives. Amazing starter!


Mozza Lunch

64BBE116-7E45-4A69-8F67-26D4FC34DC24Home working today. So I have a little bit more time to take care of my lunch. It’s raining outside, but I’m still in a summer mood.

Some leftover cherry tomatoes, can’t help it, just love their taste and their bright colours. Choose a good Mozzarella. Don’t do the « light » version, just go for the real one. I always buy mozzarella from Galbani. A good, intense taste. For the dressing, combine 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar with 3 tablespoons of extra vierge olive oil. Such a simple way of giving some extra dimension to this dish. Fresh basil to serve, straight away from my little garden.

How do you serve your mozzarella? What are your tips & tricks? Don’t hesitate to share your recipe with me via my Facebook account Lizzy’s Food Corner or my Instagram account lizzylizzblog.



BF97047B-9349-4A5A-A447-14CCAF3E9554Just before leaving on holiday, we went to see the grand-children. The little one of 5, Lewis, asked his granddad to surprise him with a good lunch. And of course the granddad couldn’t resist 😄

Croque-Monsieur aka a ham and cheese toast with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Nicely decorated with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. He made me laugh! A beautiful plate, no?

Salad time

FB43C59D-5A15-41CE-8B8B-323466CD9C7EIf you need some inspiration for summer lunches, you can choose one of these lovely bowls. Tomatoes and spring onion or tomatoes with chives? Or a carrot-celery salad? Lettuce with red onion? Maybe you prefere greek pasta with feta and olives?

So many combinations, let your creativity play… and don’t worry, no calories in this healthy food. Please tell me which one is your favourite summer salad? All recipes are welcome!

Easy Hummus Recipe

Perfect appetizer during summertime. You can either buy hummus in your supermarket or either prepare it yourself. So easy and so quickly ready. I always use this easy hummus recipe from the BBC Good Food website.

If you don’t have tahini paste you can prepare this yourself by mixing sesame seeds with water untill you get a thick paste. My final touch is adding some cherry tomatoes and red chili flakes on top. Gives that little extra flavour ❤️

Revisited « Tomato-Mozza »

FAF0925A-7B92-4CDE-B222-77379A8190DCCook some penne following the instructions of the package.

Fry some cherry tomatoes (cut in 2) and zucchini (cut in small dices) in olive oil in a frying pan. After 5 minutes add the penne and some green pesto.

Finish the dish with mozzarella and parmezan cheese. Fresh parsley on top and you’re ready to taste this revisited « tomato-mozza » dish!

Greek Pasta lunch box

869982CD-9622-4836-9E05-08703AAC9282This is a great lunch dish! Easy peasy!

Greek pasta is what I call « in between rice and pasta ». Feta cheese, cucumber and lots of cherry tomatoes in all kind of summer colours. Final touch is olive oil and chives. Hmmmm!

By the way, discovered these @Sistema lunch boxes. I love them! So many different forms and sizes. For sandwiches, salads, soup, fruit, … very good price/quality!



Cherry tomatoes. Mozzarella di buffala. Black pepper. Lettuce. Olive oil and a spoon of champagne vinegar. Grissini. So easy, so tasty. Ready in 5 minutes. A perfect lunch on a working day. Got all these @OkayBelgium. And took for the first time these Grissini. Good stuff.