Easy Hummus Recipe

Perfect appetizer during summertime. You can either buy hummus in your supermarket or either prepare it yourself. So easy and so quickly ready. I always use this easy hummus recipe from the BBC Good Food website.

If you don’t have tahini paste you can prepare this yourself by mixing sesame seeds with water untill you get a thick paste. My final touch is adding some cherry tomatoes and red chili flakes on top. Gives that little extra flavour ❤️


Revisited « Tomato-Mozza »

FAF0925A-7B92-4CDE-B222-77379A8190DCCook some penne following the instructions of the package.

Fry some cherry tomatoes (cut in 2) and zucchini (cut in small dices) in olive oil in a frying pan. After 5 minutes add the penne and some green pesto.

Finish the dish with mozzarella and parmezan cheese. Fresh parsley on top and you’re ready to taste this revisited « tomato-mozza » dish!

Greek Pasta lunch box

869982CD-9622-4836-9E05-08703AAC9282This is a great lunch dish! Easy peasy!

Greek pasta is what I call « in between rice and pasta ». Feta cheese, cucumber and lots of cherry tomatoes in all kind of summer colours. Final touch is olive oil and chives. Hmmmm!

By the way, discovered these @Sistema lunch boxes. I love them! So many different forms and sizes. For sandwiches, salads, soup, fruit, … very good price/quality!



Cherry tomatoes. Mozzarella di buffala. Black pepper. Lettuce. Olive oil and a spoon of champagne vinegar. Grissini. So easy, so tasty. Ready in 5 minutes. A perfect lunch on a working day. Got all these @OkayBelgium. And took for the first time these Grissini. Good stuff.


Cucumber Avocado Salad

913C41AC-7C2F-4ACE-86DC-1C288A1B89B9Trying out some new salad recepies. This one combines cucumber with avocado, never tried this before and very happy about the result.

I also added a few cherry tomatoes and a « balsamic » vinaigrette: 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar and 3 spoons of olive oil with garlic.


And don’t forget some pepper just before serving. Gives extra « punch ».  I love this salad!

Pasta Pesto

B03BB0C1-9AD2-495E-9D7F-4CDABCF45387As we had tomatoes with mozzarella and basil yesterday noon, I had a lot of basil left. The perfect moment to prepare a pasta pesto – by preference a « low-fat and no sugar » version.

The « change your eating habits » is going well. I already lost 3 kg,  the blood sugar level of my husband decreased by 40%. It’s our first week, we’re still fully motivated. The secret is… staying fully motivated!

For the first time ever, I bought wholemeal spaghetti. And I am positively surprised, it tastes pretty well. Other ingredients of this pasta: chicken fillet, spinach and cherry tomatoes. And of course pesto.

This is how I prepare my pesto



Salade Niçoise

85EB63E9-D5AF-4150-98A6-59ADA4E8981BAs I’ve choosen my wedding dress last Saturday and as the 2nd of June is not that far away anymore, I started today my healthy program for the following three months. If you wanna look pretty, you need to suffer first!

Salade Niçoise … I use salad, green beans and tuna, I also add cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

The tuna goes perfectly with a lime chive vinaigrette. For this vinaigrette, you need to combine all following ingredients


Let the cherry tomatoes marinate 30 minutes in the fridge before adding them to your salad. Combine 1 red onion, a teaspoon of dried oregano, some olive oil and balsamico vinegar, and add the cherry tomatoes cut in pieces



Gnocchi with smoked bacon

8460561F-70A4-462D-8F8C-144DED94BAE7Gnocchi with smoked bacon in « my secret sauce ».

Looks familiar to what we call a bolognaise sauce but has its own specific ingredients… Instead of minced beef, I use smoked bacon stripes. Instead of normal tomatoes, I use cherry tomatoes. Beside the tomato puree, I also add white wine and  brow veal stock. Could sound like a strange combination, but you need to try it out. Once all ingredients are added in the frying pan (see recipe below), let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.