Yesterday’s lunch

94FECA9E-5D00-4CF9-A785-36E06933D630Didn’t had time yesterday to post the picture of my lunch. Was a really busy working day and on top of that I forgot to prepare my lunchbox. Always a difficult moment, because in our company restaurant you are tempted to choose the fried dishes or the pasta dishes with a lot of sauce…

But I didn’t. I went straight away to the salad bar corner and created myself this beautiful and colourful lunch, full of vegetables. What a good girl! I took a small piece of       « américain préparé » and two spoons of « taboulé ». Healthy lunch yeah!



B5D26137-844D-4EB5-A72C-A90A175D2FD6This typical Flemish dish finds his origins in Ghent. It’s a sort of stew, originally made of fish, but nowadays more and more chicken is used.

« Zooi » is referring to the fact that the ingredients are boiled into « Water ». As vegetables you’ll find carrots, onion, celery, leeks and potatoes.

I enjoyed this Waterzooi @Exki. My colleague offered me lunch today and we really had a relaxing moment. Thank you Nancy!

PS They added white rice in stead of potatoes. It changes to the original recipe and you can make a lot of variations of it…


Creamy mushroom soup

2E98933D-6B21-4467-8B55-A4328454290BAs a starter, we had creamy mushroom soup. Easy to prepare and most important, you can prepare it in advance so that you can spend your evening with your guests.

My recipe – with a special touch of « Amaretto »

On the moment itself, you just need to warm up the soup and fry in a separate pan a mix of wild mushrooms in some olive oil. The perfect decoration and it gives an extra taste. Hmmm!