Breakfast in Jamaica

787E977B-D765-4B38-AF9A-79D0A47203C6We finally arrived in Jamaica 🌴🌴🌴 after having two days lost because of a broken airplane. It was a bloody hell to arrive here, so now we wanna enjoy as much as possible!

The Grand Palladium is a huge complex with two hotels: the first one is « Jamaica » and the second one is «Lady Hamilton ». We are staying in the second one. A classy 5* hotel, worth a visit.

You have a choice between 8 different restaurants and 7 bars. You never get bored in here, so many choices, it’s incredible! We started our day with a nice breakkie. Okay I have to admit, not so healthy as we normally have our breakfast. But hey, we’re on holiday 👍👍👍


Alpha Bio Bread


Delhaize Belgium has more and more bio breads. And they are really nice. Almost as good as the bread I make myself 😜

This Alpha Bio bread is with raisons and oats. Two slices with melted cheese, my start of this Saturday x

When Thursday becomes Sunday

6BDAA5E5-0886-4173-9FCF-FD2A7015B2DEI love religious holidays, especially when they are during the week. An extra day off, time to enjoy a good breakfast and to cook later on a new dish. But that you’ll discover in my following post.

Two fried eggs, « bio » eggs from our local market. I’m not that kind of « bio » person as I find those « bio » products way too expensive. An exception: eggs. They absolutely are much more tasty than the normal ones.

Fried in a frying pan, on top a bit of salt and pepper. I don’t often add salt in my preparations, it’s a habit I think. Some people can’t eat without salt, some do not need it at all. Altough I’m definately the second type of person, an egg (boiled or fried) always tastes much better with a bit of (sea)salt.

The orange water is homemade. Water with an in-slices-cutted orange. Easy peasy. To be served very cold so that the orange flavour is just perfect. I always have one of them in the fridge and I use different types of fruit for it: orange, lemon, lime, strawberries,… You can also add some dried herbs for extra flavour: thyme, pink peppercorns, cardemon,… Try it out and tell me which one is your favourite flavour!

« Pistolet » breakfast

0FB16751-8CC1-47D5-9D38-F4FE58222A1A.jpegThis was Sunday’s breakfast. We need to take time to enjoy breakfast as my husbie would easily skip this most important foodmoment of the day. Very difficult for him, he normally eats for the first time around noon. So I try to make it a cosy moment and I decorate the table with a lovely napkin. He still didn’t notice till now… LOL!

I have been searching for the english word for what we call a « pistolet » but can not really find the correct translation. Do you call it a « roll » or a « crusted roll »? Or do you have another word for it? Please tell me!

Homemade bread

ACAAB0FB-7278-4039-A120-BB4270A78BE0I told you that I try to avoid as much as possible carbohydrates, but I couldn’t resist yesterday. It was a sporty sunday, a « dive »sunday, we were going to dive in the Oosterschelde (sea) in the Nederlands. Very cold and rainy weather and I needed some positive vibes to get in the mood.

I bought the all-in mix from Delhaize (brown bread with kernel). Very easy in use, you just need to add water and the bread machine does the rest. I was very happy with the result! Hmmm!


PS you can get two breads out of one package of 1kg

Strawberries all the way

A300232D-FE93-422B-9BC3-2226169FB7ACOne week since we have started our « healthy food program » and already a nice result, -3kg. We have a lot of positive vibes to continue. And don’t worry, we do allow us some treats. Friday evening we went out with friends and had a couple of glasses of cava and we enjoyed a raclette/grill evening. It’s all about finding the balance between enjoying life and eating healthy!

Today’s breakfast… strawberries. We have a strawberry-apple juice (no added sugars) and a strawberry-rhubarb muesli yoghurt. Nice start of this beautiful Sunday 🍓🍓