Irish beef with béarnaise sauce

5F12359C-7253-40DB-B95D-07B0B0B2B380Why make things complicated if you can do it on an easy way? Just a simple piece of irish beef (« filet pur de boeuf irlandais ») with béarnaise sauce. A top dinner @bistrodesartsbruxelles. Thanks to a great chef!

And as an extra I’ll give you the recipe I use for my homemade béarnaise

6F9BD245-70E2-4692-8897-489959766F91— BBC Food Recipes —


Steak-fries and Béarnaise sauce

3E0294E2-2EAE-4B0C-812E-49F6B33EE034After the national « moules-frites » (mussels with fries), «steak-frites » (steak with fries) is the second most loved belgian dish.

Cut your fries yourself (much better taste than frozen fries) and prepare a homemade Béarnaise sauce.

I always use the following BBC Food Recipe which you can find on


Bonsoir Clara


Ladies evening with my best friend L. We haven’t seen eachother since a couple of weeks. So we have a lot to talk about. How else can we do this than with a nice meal? Our favourite restaurant around the corner, Bonsoir Clara, was the perfect place to be!


As a starter: terrine de foie gras de canard accompanied by a homemade chutney.


Main course: Irish entrecôte, steamed vegetables and sauce béarnaise.