What to do with a lot of Avocado’s ?



My fav maki

2CBDE096-8720-4507-AB78-831620C459C3Makisu, a well-known sushi-shop in Belgium. They have different shops and one of them is around our corner. Lucky us… Although the husband isn’t a huge fan I have to say. But I can eat them at any moment!

My favourite maki are

* mystery mushroom: Shiitake and enoki mushroom, avocado, cashew spread

* dragon rolls: shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame

Have a look at the menu and let me know which one is your favourite


Breakkie eggs

66FADB2B-8BF7-4267-AD95-9A7516856CA9Sunday morning always deserves something special. The only day you really have time to spend together this breakfast moment.

Especially after some quite busy weeks! Running from one party to another friend’s visit, getting married and leaving on your honeymoon, teambuilding events at work,… we can not say we have a boring life.

And so our « healthy-food-habits program » became a very important challenge to us. How ohhh how can you eat and drink less while having all these nice things to do? We have our next appointment wit the nutritionist on the 31st of July. All suggestions are welcome!

Anyway, started this Sunday with some scrambled eggs and avocado with chives. Getting ready now for another party with friends… sun and bbq fun!

Sushi Lunch


Homeworking today… means a little bit more flexibility for lunch. And as the future husband (remember, getting married within 5 days ahhhh) came home for lunch, he surprised me with this good looking sushi. Salmon stays for me the best ingredient for sushi. And you, what kind of sushi you prefer?

PS As you can see on the picture, I’m not the only sushi fan in the house…

Bruschetta Brunch

D3E994E9-8C10-4635-AAD2-009665F445FAOne of my favourite pictures! Taken in our Workcafé when I was waiting for a caffe latte. Those bruschettas are so colourful and they look absolutely gorgeous!

Three different tastes, my top 3 is

* For sure number 1: shrimps, cucumber, avocado and flat leaf parsley

* The second place goes to… goat cheese, raisins, walnuts, honey and chives

* And finally number 3: eggplant, peppers and pine kernel

Which one you prefer? Let me know. And feel free to suggest the ones you create yourself!


Cucumber Avocado Salad

913C41AC-7C2F-4ACE-86DC-1C288A1B89B9Trying out some new salad recepies. This one combines cucumber with avocado, never tried this before and very happy about the result.

I also added a few cherry tomatoes and a « balsamic » vinaigrette: 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar and 3 spoons of olive oil with garlic.


And don’t forget some pepper just before serving. Gives extra « punch ».  I love this salad!