Chicken and mushroom vol-au-vent

6C06121E-6F30-4B06-A960-DF8332DFF2D7A round bite-sized shell of puff pastry, with a pastry lid, can be filled with a lot of different fillings. The traditional recipe is a delicate filling made up of chicken and mushrooms, bound with a sauce. I also add a bit of cream in the sauce. A bit more calories, but worth the delicious taste! I normally serve vol-au-vent with fries, but for once I went for croquettes. Not bad at all!


Yogurt with strawberries & fresh mint

D6D7BFF4-6598-4626-8902-52B25E3F068AHere’s a good start to a good weekend. My best friend always talk about happy fridays and she posts every friday a funny picture. I’ll go for happy saturdays as from now. Nothing better than starting them with a nice breakkie. Some yogurt, some strawberries, some fresh mint. That’s all you need!

Macaroni ham & cheese

D26CED08-65BD-4B28-BF29-694707DB15F0It has been ages that I served macaroni with ham and cheese. It reminds me of my childhood, my grandmother made the best macaroni ever. In the original recipe you’ll only find ham and cheese. In today’s recipes a lot of ingredients are added like green onions, mushrooms, bacon, peppers,.. Feel free and create your own version. What is your secret ingredient 💕 ?

Spaghetti Bolognaise

BC3F48E6-590A-42A0-A004-C788B41F65DBSunday evening, time for spaghetti. Been busy the whole day cleaning up the apartment. Especially the kitchen got a real make-over. We also went to IKEA and we bought some new kitchen stuff 🤪 plates, glasses, coffee mugs, … I’ll use them for my next food pictures.

Didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen and spaghetti bolognaise seamed to me the perfect sunday dish. Minced beef, onions and tomatoes, that’s all you need for the bolognaise sauce.