Vanilla pudding

675E95D5-1176-4792-A144-10F176EE907EA relaxing Saturday evening at home, that doesn’t happen often. Lying in the sofa, watching television. And all of a sudden… I want something sweet, something warm, something delicious,… No chocolate, no biscuits. I know, I want vanilla pudding. Have not eaten this since ages! Ready in about 5-10 minutes, all you need is vanilla pudding powder, sugar and milk.

I’m really going to enjoy these…


You can finish them with some fruit like strawberries, raspberries, bleuberries,… or whipped cream.


New spices

7FD3D1A9-7CCF-4E06-96BE-B20161465600I discovered these spices @Delhaize. Not only they look very cute, they also have a new, refreshing taste to me.

The Very Cheesy Mix goes perfectly with cheese (of course), apricot and honey. What a sweet taste!

The Fish Mix gives your fish dishes a touch of lemon and pink berries. What a freshness!

The Extravaganza Mix is my favourite one, truffle flavour at its best. I’m in heaven!