Sardines @ABC Mateos

3F2ECB26-4664-400F-BAB7-3C0E73B62F04I’ve found my life motto: « eat, drink & socialize ». I love to go out and have a drink. I love to meet new people. I love to enjoy some good food. I love to laugh. I love to live. That’s it.

No better place to do this than at our favourite Spanish tapasbar ABC Mateos @St-Catherine (Brussels). Max is preparing the tapas, his wife Leo is serving drinks and she’s the one who gives us all the good vibes. We love to visit this place. And we often stay a couple of hours. Today I had some grilled sardines, lovely! This is life…




Yesterday we had a kind of teambuilding. How to react on changes and how to prepare our new way of working. A whole-day-workshop in the Novotel St-Catherine | Brussels. Indeed, next to my door, 5 minutes walk. What a comfort!

Starting with a good breakfast is essential. I saw these cute granola jars in glass. Pay attention to the names of the different granolas: shocking chocolate, sneaky cinnamon, crumbling coconut, whizzy walnut.

Which one would you like to taste?!



eL áGaVe| Jamaica

4D919E22-FA4B-46A5-9675-E0760D47F7D7Another evening spending dinner with our new friends from Texas. This time it’s Mexican food and they know what good Mexican food is, as they have at least 15 different Mexican restaurants in their home town!

As appetizer I had the « chicken enmolada »: taco and chicken with mole sauce. This sauce can be made of various ingredients but the common factor is chili pepper. The one I got served also had chocolate in it, strange as it didn’t taste chocolate at all. As main … I had « chicken fajitas » of course, full of onion and green pepper. And I’m a huge fan of guacamole hmmm!


« Jerk » chicken



You don’t go to Jamaica without eating the typical Jamaican food. Whatever you wanted to taste, it was always called « jerk » something… So I checked Wikipedia in order to find out what « jerk » means exactly.

It is a style of cooking native to Jamaica, in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice. The meat is normally, but not limited to, chicken or pork, and the main ingredients of the spicy jerk marinade sauce are allspice (known as « pimento » in Jamaica) and scotch bonnet peppers.

We had jerk pork with rice and peas. Very hot!


Chez Bubba | Jamaica

0CEE1D4F-3B9D-465F-BA4C-162314CB3E1BYesterday evening we went with our new American friends from Texas to the Steakhouse Chez Bubba in the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton (Lucea, Jamaica).

When we came in, I noticed immediately the nice wall decoration. Julia Child’s statement « the only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook » is just a perfect sentence!

By the way, I had a Lady Hamilton burger with beef, bacon and fried onions. Big french fries and Heinz mayonnaise. OMG, it will be hard to be home again and restart the healthy food program… Let’s enjoy those last holidays 🌴

Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict is a typical American breakfast that was first popularized in New York City. It consists of two halves of an English muffin, each half topped with bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. I never had this before in my life, but you can count me in, I’m a fan!

There are many variations of this recipe. My advice, if you wanna try this out yourself, use the bbcgoodfood recipe:


A dish full of fish

0FDF9DC8-D5C3-4327-BE81-CF795C995730When you’re a fish/seafood lover, you always go and search for these dishes… wherever you go… And in Jamaica they do know how to serve fish!

The Negril restaurant @ Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton is that type of restaurant where you have a huge, various « buffet ». The one who says he can not find something to eat he likes, is someone who’s better staying home. The choice is enormous. Jamaican food, Asian food, Italian food, American food,… name it and you’ll find it over here.

I went for fish and seafood. A bit of paella, perfectly prepared with a beautiful taste of saffron. Gives the dish its yellow colour. Clams and mussels into it. And I took some extra mussels in tomatosauce. Nice and smooth taste. Couldn’t resist the smoked salmon. Prepared with a refreshing lemon taste. And finally some fresh crab. Pure nature: crab, red onion and parsley. I really enjoyed it!



Banana smoothie

0A270B0F-7048-4F9B-A83D-6A47F7B0DE26.jpegSunday Funday, especially when you’re on vacation in Jamaica. Today we spoiled ourselves with a day in the Spa. Swimming outside in this beautiful weather, that’s already enough to feel relaxed.

As you know, the whole Spa idea is based on healthy habits and thus you get also healthy drinks and food. This banana smoothie is ready in 2 minutes: 1 banana, some ice cubes and a bit of sparkling water – in the blender and ready to be served. Refreshing!

We ended our day with an 80 mins stress massage. Pure welness for your whole body. I feel reborn…

Salad bar

C52E07DB-49A0-4A4F-B7AF-C6084C29CA25Beforing appetizer and main course, they ask you in Jamaica to go to the salad bar first. How to explain them that this kind of dish is already a main course for me?

The « couscous » salad is very nice, with a bit of sweet corn and some red onion. Perfect match! Beside lettuce, cucumber and green olives. A three pieces of cheese, just to obtain a colourful picture 🤪

Trying out some Indian food

5F8A757B-BE62-46EE-B392-E22C3EFB808C.jpegFirst time ever! We agreed to go and eat in each restaurant of the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, so we decided tonight to discover the Indian kitchen (Bhogali Indian Restaurant). A whole challenge for the husband as he is a real « classic » belgian-food-eater.

56065B57-9FD1-4E10-B1D4-BFD1F0FEDBCE.jpegHe went for the « Lamb Roghan Josh (red curry) ». A spicy slow-cooked lamb curry. It was hot and he loved it! I went for the « Murgh Makhani ». Tandoori baked chicken finished in tomato and nuts with butter gravy sauce. Not spicy at all, because I can’t eat spicy food. Gives me stomac pain. We enjoyed the evening and appreciated the food. Definately going to do this again!