EFFA8E01-F8E5-4F00-A12D-8103DFC95729It was a tough weekend! Sunshine all around, 26ºC, invited on Saturday for a BBQ and on Sunday for a dinner. Thinking about the tips & tricks from the nutritionist… How am I going to survive this?

Apero: cava with appetizers. Two glasses of cava and we didn’t touch the cheese cubes neither the fried croquettes. Went for a couple of olives.

One merguez and one marinated chicken breast, and really a lot of vegetables: cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce,…

TIP: instead of adding real mayonnaise, we prepared a dressing with 1 spoon of mayonnaise light, 2 spoons of fat/sugar free yogurt (Danone activia nature 0%) and chives. So fresh and so nice!

Some white rice with quinoa on top. We never had such a « think about what you choose » – BBQ before! And I even enjoyed two glasses of rosé wine. You see, you can enjoy those sunny days on a healthy way xxx


Steak-fries and Béarnaise sauce

3E0294E2-2EAE-4B0C-812E-49F6B33EE034After the national « moules-frites » (mussels with fries), «steak-frites » (steak with fries) is the second most loved belgian dish.

Cut your fries yourself (much better taste than frozen fries) and prepare a homemade Béarnaise sauce.

I always use the following BBC Food Recipe which you can find on