Downtown Dansaert (Brussels)

3C14A16C-6AE4-4BC2-85EE-EC693235ADB8If you ever plan a trip to Brussels, do put the Dansaert area on your agenda. It’s THE designer’s area in the center of town. You won’t regret!

I visited two interior decoration shops and found these lovely, wooden dishes at True Colours and the cute tissue at Leda41. I’m in love 💖




EFFA8E01-F8E5-4F00-A12D-8103DFC95729It was a tough weekend! Sunshine all around, 26ºC, invited on Saturday for a BBQ and on Sunday for a dinner. Thinking about the tips & tricks from the nutritionist… How am I going to survive this?

Apero: cava with appetizers. Two glasses of cava and we didn’t touch the cheese cubes neither the fried croquettes. Went for a couple of olives.

One merguez and one marinated chicken breast, and really a lot of vegetables: cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce,…

TIP: instead of adding real mayonnaise, we prepared a dressing with 1 spoon of mayonnaise light, 2 spoons of fat/sugar free yogurt (Danone activia nature 0%) and chives. So fresh and so nice!

Some white rice with quinoa on top. We never had such a « think about what you choose » – BBQ before! And I even enjoyed two glasses of rosé wine. You see, you can enjoy those sunny days on a healthy way xxx

« Libelle Lekker »

EA3D4FEC-808D-4ECD-9A48-EC981BE1704FThis is the food magazine that I monthly buy. Available in Belgium & the Netherlands. Not sure about other countries.

Full of new recipes and original ideas for kitchen stuff, food shops, restaurant visits,… I just love it! It changes to cooking every time out of 1 of my 300 cook books. The more of them you have, the more difficult it is to choose a recipe… Just because I’m a cooking-fan 🌟

Chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce

EF2EB501-1917-40D9-BC70-C78ACFDCF027Chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce. I was already thinking about it this morning. And as the husband was going to be early home tonight, I asked him to prepare his famous homemade fries. Oh what did I enjoy this dinner!

The creamy mushroom sauce is so easy to prepare. In a frying pan, heat some olive oil. After 2-3 minutes, add chicken filet cut in slices and 1 onion cut in slices. Wait 5 minutes, add 150ml chicken stock and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Add 100ml cream and let it again simmer for 15 minutes untill you get a thick, creamy sauce. Finalize with  black pepper.

Tournée minérale

87AE61AA-1FDA-4BB8-9887-A4BB723E728BFebruary is « tournée minérale » month… a whole month without alcohol. The perfect moment, just after the Christmas & Newyear period. We have been eating and drinking too much and our body needs a bit of rest now.

One of my colleagues at work has a very succesfull foodblog « Cookameal ». Today she posted the recipe of an alcohol-free cocktail – a mocktail – created by « The Mocktail club ». She prepared a matching appetizer with sweet potato. Looks delicious!

You can find both recipes @cookameal @the_mocktailclub and the picture belongs to @cookameal.

Steak-fries and Béarnaise sauce

3E0294E2-2EAE-4B0C-812E-49F6B33EE034After the national « moules-frites » (mussels with fries), «steak-frites » (steak with fries) is the second most loved belgian dish.

Cut your fries yourself (much better taste than frozen fries) and prepare a homemade Béarnaise sauce.

I always use the following BBC Food Recipe which you can find on