Happy Valentine ❤️


I’ve been ill since 4 days. Sleeping in my bed. No food, just drinking water and more water. Terrible feeling. And what do I miss the cooking…

Anyway, wanted to share with you my Valentine gift. The plan was to go out for dinner but yeah… it’ll be for next time. So happy with this little box of chocolats (Wittamer – Sablon, Brussels). Don’t forget, chocolats are a women’s best friend 😜😜😜


Star Wars cake

D52B202D-30EB-4422-8572-C416D4C6E4C0Lewis celebrated his 5th birthday and he got this fantastic Star Wars birthday cake. Chocolate and whipped cream. He was so happy, the little fellow…

Star Wars cake @Delicioso (Burst)

Candy cake

CDC8CA99-01C4-4841-A0DB-F6E77CF2401F@Hokus Pokus Toverbol – Deinze

The grandson Lewis celebrates his 5th birthday.

What will we get him? Boys and their toys… euh he has already a full shop of toys at home. Clothes, yeah good idea… oh no, too difficult and what about the two wardrobes full of clothes… Money? Always useful but so impersonal.

And so came the idea of a candy cake. Kids adore candy and this gift looks pretty nice!


RIP Mr Bocuse

95A59380-75BC-4357-829A-9C83F398F52EA great chef, a talent, Mr Bocuse left us today.


Brussels sprouts

29819987-51FD-48BC-BD15-D44882762182You love them or you hate them: Brussels sprouts. They look like mini cabbages and are full of vitamins (A, C, K,…). You can prepare them in different ways: boiling, steaming, frying, grilling or roasting.

I’ve made a so called « stoemp » : mashed potatoes with vegetables (in this case Brussels sprouts) seasoned with nutmeg, salt and pepper. I’ve boiled the potatoes and the Brussels sprouts with an onion in some vegetable stock. Goes perfectly with some grilled chicken seasoned with cajun and sesame seeds.




Thursday evening, aperotime!


Jeu’di, qu’on est gourmand!

@ Moussaillon – Brussels


Which one you prefer?



Coffee and milk

imageSunday morning happiness 😜😜😜





Seafood Festival

@St Catherine Brussels