Workshop… D-1

4C520814-BE62-46B7-83B9-3E4CB564BF43Didn’t tell you yet, I won a #Vittel #Cookameal workshop on the famous #eatdrinkbordeaux food festival in Brussels. Cookameal is one of the famous belgian food blogs and I follow Amylia since a while. I’m a huge fan of her. And just for the info, she is a colleague of mine in real work life so I get the chance to spot her from time to time. But now it’s time for serious work, I’m going to meet her and we’re going to a workshop together. All excited, D-1, can’t wait!



EFFA8E01-F8E5-4F00-A12D-8103DFC95729It was a tough weekend! Sunshine all around, 26ºC, invited on Saturday for a BBQ and on Sunday for a dinner. Thinking about the tips & tricks from the nutritionist… How am I going to survive this?

Apero: cava with appetizers. Two glasses of cava and we didn’t touch the cheese cubes neither the fried croquettes. Went for a couple of olives.

One merguez and one marinated chicken breast, and really a lot of vegetables: cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce,…

TIP: instead of adding real mayonnaise, we prepared a dressing with 1 spoon of mayonnaise light, 2 spoons of fat/sugar free yogurt (Danone activia nature 0%) and chives. So fresh and so nice!

Some white rice with quinoa on top. We never had such a « think about what you choose » – BBQ before! And I even enjoyed two glasses of rosé wine. You see, you can enjoy those sunny days on a healthy way xxx

Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and vegetables

C79F4D99-3B7A-47B3-A3F0-56B24030CA66Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and vegetables: carrots, peas and « mange tout » (snap peas). The sauce is prepared with veal stock and cream. It’s a tasty pork stew. Final touch this time… chives.

I found this recipe in Libelle Lekker, the monthly foodmagazine you can buy in Belgium. A perfect Easter lunch!


Strawberries all the way

A300232D-FE93-422B-9BC3-2226169FB7ACOne week since we have started our « healthy food program » and already a nice result, -3kg. We have a lot of positive vibes to continue. And don’t worry, we do allow us some treats. Friday evening we went out with friends and had a couple of glasses of cava and we enjoyed a raclette/grill evening. It’s all about finding the balance between enjoying life and eating healthy!

Today’s breakfast… strawberries. We have a strawberry-apple juice (no added sugars) and a strawberry-rhubarb muesli yoghurt. Nice start of this beautiful Sunday 🍓🍓

Happy Valentine ❤️


I’ve been ill since 4 days. Sleeping in my bed. No food, just drinking water and more water. Terrible feeling. And what do I miss the cooking…

Anyway, wanted to share with you my Valentine gift. The plan was to go out for dinner but yeah… it’ll be for next time. So happy with this little box of chocolats (Wittamer – Sablon, Brussels). Don’t forget, chocolats are a women’s best friend 😜😜😜

Candy cake

CDC8CA99-01C4-4841-A0DB-F6E77CF2401F@Hokus Pokus Toverbol – Deinze

The grandson Lewis celebrates his 5th birthday.

What will we get him? Boys and their toys… euh he has already a full shop of toys at home. Clothes, yeah good idea… oh no, too difficult and what about the two wardrobes full of clothes… Money? Always useful but so impersonal.

And so came the idea of a candy cake. Kids adore candy and this gift looks pretty nice!

Brussels sprouts

29819987-51FD-48BC-BD15-D44882762182You love them or you hate them: Brussels sprouts. They look like mini cabbages and are full of vitamins (A, C, K,…). You can prepare them in different ways: boiling, steaming, frying, grilling or roasting.

I’ve made a so called « stoemp » : mashed potatoes with vegetables (in this case Brussels sprouts) seasoned with nutmeg, salt and pepper. I’ve boiled the potatoes and the Brussels sprouts with an onion in some vegetable stock. Goes perfectly with some grilled chicken seasoned with cajun and sesame seeds.