Brasserie Julie


Lobster & oven baked ham

E9FD5E27-BB89-49A3-AB67-F67C6F6B8994We were invited to Melany’s 21st birthday party @ Kasteel Coninxdonck in Gentbrugge. It’s always great being invited, but even more when it’s a party with a specific « theme » : the Great Gatsby! We were all dressed up and we had great fun.

The food they served was delicious. Look at this beautiful starter. A combination of lobster and oven baked ham. The perfect proof that you can combine fish and meat. Rucola, cherry tomatoes and a boiled egg, with a « vinaigrette » of chives. Amazing starter!

La Bottega, St-Katarina-Lombeek


I discovered this cosy little restaurant in my youngest brother’s town, St-Katarina-Lombeek. A 20 mins ride from Brussels. For sure worth a visit!

All dishes are freshly prepared, the list of suggestions is not too long and you can find a bit of everything on it. The chef knows what he’s doing and he does it pretty well.

As a starter I had « ravioli with truffle » – what a gorgeous taste! As a main course, my all-time favourite… spaghetti (but Ido prefer linguini) with mussels and clams (the famous « vongole »).


We went for a white wine, with a fruity taste and a touch of nuts. I’mpuro Pecorino. Perfect with mussels and clams.


A nice family dinner in a cosy family restaurant. That’s how I can describe our evening. If you’re in the neigbourhood, don’t hesitate and book your table. You won’t be disappointed!

Bruschetta in egyptian style

58F53548-B0E2-49BB-A620-0CC1E69E9FF9I’m back 🤩 Told you we were going on holiday to Egypt. The plan was to shoot food dishes every day so that I could keep my food blog running.

But oh no… when I arrived I knew straight away this wouldn’t happen. No WiFi… didn’t know that countries without WiFi still exist? On top of that, the 4* hotel was a nightmare. The food and drinks were terrible. Only local alcoholic drinks. I can’t describe the food, it was just awful. I had chicken and rice every noon and evening. It was the only « dish » I could more or less eat. Never ever go to the Marina Lodge hotel in Marsa Alam.

One evening we had enough of it and we took a shuttle bus to Port Ghalib. A very nice and cosy little place. We had a drink, a good (!!!) drink @Wunder-Bar Deli. This bar opened his doors a couple of weeks ago. They serve different kind of pretty cocktails – we had a Mojito and a G&T. Perfectly mixed, cheers. We also ordered some bruschetta, prepared in an egyptian style. Some sort of pizza bottom with tomatoes, cut in cubes. Fresh basil and olive oil on top. The « habibies » were ready to attack some good food!

« Habibi » means my darling (if you say it to a woman),    « Habiti » means the same but it is used when you say it to a man. Not sure if correctly spelled tough… 👍


D5E969E3-F5C4-4C3E-B362-DC87166B02D1Mezze is served in a lot of different countries, often as a snack to accompany alcoholic drinks or as an appetizer before a multi-course meal. These are different small dishes.

In this restaurant where the owners have greek roots, they served it as follow: meatballs, feta with herbs and olive oil, grape vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, shrimps, tzatziki, tarama, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. More than enough, don’t need a main course after this lovely dish. Very tasty, very colourful. Hmm!

Crèma Catalana


I’m not into dessert with red fruit. In general I go for a chocolate dessert or some cheese. But this time I wanted to try out something new.

Espuma of crèma catalana, vanilla ice cream, crumble and red fruit. Nice combination, smoothie taste, lovely colours. Dessert was a succes 😜

Veggie Salad | Chez Henri


I’m normally not a huge fan of veggie dishes. Just because to me there’s nothing better than a nice piece of meat or fish. As we went out for dinner with my colleague Nancy who is a huge veggie fan, I took the opportunity to taste this veggie salad.

Green asparagus, yellow zucchini, sundried tomatoes, roquette and… halloumi. I didn’t even know what halloumi is. A semi hard, unripened, brined cheese, made of a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes also of cow’s milk. It has a high melting point and can be easily fried or grilled. I have to admit, a bit of a special structure when you put it in your mouth, but the taste is very surprising! And so is this whole salad. Wauw, what a combination of flavours.

Thank you restaurant « Chez Henri » – we had a lovely evening, in a cosy place, spoiled with delicious dishes!




Sardines @ABC Mateos

3F2ECB26-4664-400F-BAB7-3C0E73B62F04I’ve found my life motto: « eat, drink & socialize ». I love to go out and have a drink. I love to meet new people. I love to enjoy some good food. I love to laugh. I love to live. That’s it.

No better place to do this than at our favourite Spanish tapasbar ABC Mateos @St-Catherine (Brussels). Max is preparing the tapas, his wife Leo is serving drinks and she’s the one who gives us all the good vibes. We love to visit this place. And we often stay a couple of hours. Today I had some grilled sardines, lovely! This is life…