Went out last night to disover a new place at Place St-Catherine: Comptoir Be Burger. A trendy place that attracks young and old. Or you can go for a drink, or for a meal, or combine both of them. Price/quality is top! Sam the bartender knows what he is doing and he is doing it dawn very well 😜

We went to taste a few new G&T creations.

The first one was made of Bombay Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, orange and lemon zest, slices of apple (Granny Smith), redcurrant and black peppercorns, thyme. Very soft taste, perfect match of flavours!

The second one was made of Bombay Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, slices of lemon, half a passion fruit, redcurrant and rosemary. Feels like you’re in heaven!

What a night 🍸🍸🍸


King Crab


These ones you can’t resist, for sure. King crab, delicious taste. With some olive oil and garlic prepared on the plancha. What do I love seafood!

@ABC Mateos, St-Catherine, Brussels

Beef consommé with ravioli and spring onions

09BD682A-7BDA-40B9-935C-7A28EABC19E3Sunday we had our annual newyear’s lunch with the family. We went to De Voet van Keizer Karel in Wambeek (Ternat). It’s a farmhouse on the coutryside, they serve french-belgian dishes.

All their dishes are prepared with lots of love, you can simply taste it! One of the suggestions was this lovely beef consommé, which is a clear soup. The ravioli were filled with mushrooms. The combination of all these flavours made you feel like being in heaven 👍

Le Vismet – Brussels

D716D9FE-5E42-4CB9-865C-2B9EEC731076This week we had our annual teamlunch. We are 7 and we all love good food. Choices to be made:

° asian, italian, greek or belgian cuisine?

° meat or fish?

° where in Brussels?

Our final choice, the winner is… Le Vismet (Place St-Catherine, Brussels). A lunch for 22€, top quality food! Excellent wine. Friendly staff. A magic moment!

As a starter we had Thai style soupe with scallops and coconut milk


As main course, fillet of redfish with a gratin of winter vegetables and butter sauce with chives


This is to me the best fishrestaurant in Brussels! It was just perfect…

Cod fillet with a gravy of crayfish and gray shrimps

3E4C15B2-C733-4187-B904-C025121CA1AD@Kom Bij Ma – Place St Catherine – Brussels

Friday evening was an unexpected dinner out. We went with a couple of friends to Kom Bij Ma, located on the beautiful Place St Catherine in Brussels.

Eric, the owner, is a friend of us and we like the typical belgian dishes he serves. Carbonnade Flamande, Vol-au-vent, Steak frites, Moules frites, Stoemp,… This time I took one of the suggestions. Cod fillet with a gravy of crayfish and gray shrimps. Served with a puree of leek. Hmm!

Fred | Rotterdam


Just booked a table for 2 in the 2* Michelin restaurant «Fred »in Rotterdam. I’m so excited!

I’ve checked their website and facebook page. Top quality products and they are in the running for the 2018 award of most romantic restaurant in Rotterdam & best cheese offer.

On top of that, the restaurant has just been renovated. So looking forward to it! All-in menu for 135€ (aperitif, 5 courses, wine, water, coffee/tea and treats).


Sole fillets

EC422DC7-F370-4676-A45B-E3DECA193508Sole fillets as main course. Stays my favourite fish dish. Served with a sauce « fine champagne ». You can prepare the sauce just before serving dinner. It takes about 10-15 minutes.

I always follow the recipe from « cuisineaz »


I use a rather good champagne as I prefer to open a good bottle and to have a glass aside!




Mystery lunch

IMG_2793 (2)

Didn’t have the time yesterday to prepare a decent lunch for today. So I went to our company’s canteen. I have to say that they made a big effort over the last years and that you have an interesting choice of food. Veggie corner, Classic corner, Soup corner, Italian corner, Salad bar,… Impossible not to find something you like. I’ve choosen a dish thinking it was pasta with vegetables (sweetcorn and peas), but I discovered while eating that this isn’t pasta! Could someone tell me what I’ve been eating? It tastes a bit like pasta and it looks like it, but for sure it isn’t…