Just a simple spaghetti bolognaise

01B0BD28-4128-407B-911F-F7D7E9C0BE7FDon’t have much time this week as it is so busy at work. No new recipes, no new creations, just the usual basic stuff 😊 and nothing’s better than a good spaghetti bolognaise. Tomatoes, onion, minced beef, salt and pepper. That’s all you need to make a tasty sauce.


Sole fillets

EC422DC7-F370-4676-A45B-E3DECA193508Sole fillets as main course. Stays my favourite fish dish. Served with a sauce « fine champagne ». You can prepare the sauce just before serving dinner. It takes about 10-15 minutes.

I always follow the recipe from « cuisineaz »


I use a rather good champagne as I prefer to open a good bottle and to have a glass aside!




Creamy mushroom soup

2E98933D-6B21-4467-8B55-A4328454290BAs a starter, we had creamy mushroom soup. Easy to prepare and most important, you can prepare it in advance so that you can spend your evening with your guests.

My recipe – with a special touch of « Amaretto »

On the moment itself, you just need to warm up the soup and fry in a separate pan a mix of wild mushrooms in some olive oil. The perfect decoration and it gives an extra taste. Hmmm!

Spaghetti mushrooms

68686AA1-6798-44F9-9633-AD3062DD9C23.jpegMy food challenge this week – day 3

As I’m homeworking today, I have the possibility to prepare a quick and easy lunch. And I am in a pastamood today. So here we go. Ready in 20 mins.

Boil some pasta following the instructions on the package and set aside.

Fry some into-slices-cut onions and mushrooms in olive oil and add a bit of thyme. Put the cooked pasta on top, add cream & parmezan and stir everyhting in the pan. Let it rest for 2-3 more minutes and it’s ready to be served. Food heaven!




Sweetpotato gratin & lamb chops


Goal for tonight’s dinner: no carbohydrates. Only vegetables and meat. And I’m keeping in mind that my husband adores to eat his « potatoes » every day. Not an easy job!

I started checking the foodblogs I follow and I found this sweetpotato gratin recipe (www.whatsgabycooking.com). Seems a perfect replacement for « his » potatoes 🙂 Let’s combine this gratin with some lamb chops…

Easy to prepare:



Give it a try, you’ll see, a perfect combination xxx


Detox water

202525E4-B13F-491E-9414-B009A8BBE7EAJanuary is the start of a new year and the period inwhich people decide to get in a better shape, to drink less, to eat healthier and to quit smoking. The usual intentions 😊

For me, January is still a busy month and each weekend is fully booked with family and friends visits. So my way to start already a bit of these newyear intentions, is starting every day with detox water. The classic one is with cucumber and mint, the other one is with cinnamon.

You should try it out! If you have other recipes, don’t hesitate to share them with me.