Gnocchi with smoked bacon

8460561F-70A4-462D-8F8C-144DED94BAE7Gnocchi with smoked bacon in « my secret sauce ».

Looks familiar to what we call a bolognaise sauce but has its own specific ingredients… Instead of minced beef, I use smoked bacon stripes. Instead of normal tomatoes, I use cherry tomatoes. Beside the tomato puree, I also add white wine and  brow veal stock. Could sound like a strange combination, but you need to try it out. Once all ingredients are added in the frying pan (see recipe below), let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.







Today I went to Delhaize to do the weekly foodshopping. There were not many people – lunchtime is a very good moment to go to the shop – so I took the time to really have a look around. Hoping to discover new things…    And I fell in love with these jars. Don’t they just look gorgeous?!