Me-time 💝

D5EDB01F-A982-44D6-B9A9-813467A54D6CFavourite moment on a day off. 100% Me-time. Reading my food magazines, searching for new recipes. Curious and feeling like a child who’s opening her presents. Wouhou @libellelekker @delhaizebelgium.


Apple & cinnamon

A034C95A-4033-4559-B15D-742A527870CBTrying to find original, healthy snacks as we are in the mood #nosugar #nocalories. No more chocolate, cookies and sweets. That’s the challenge remember…

Had a look into my cook book collection – I have more or less 300 of them – and got out this « I’m a foodie » cook book. Eating like an expert. Full of healthy tips for drinks, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. They also include a weekplanner.Highly recommended!

8E8AFB84-E0FD-43D2-AD89-7B0B707B0F38I went for the fried apples with cinnamon.

I am not a huge cinnamon fan, but I have to say that this combination matches perfectly.

Ready in 5 minutes. So easy!