Tiramisu with strawberries

6819630E-DC5D-4C58-BBC8-CFA434BB6AC1My all time favourite dessert is for sure one with chocolate (mousse, cake, biscuits,…). But I have to admit, this tiramisu with strawberries is also a topper! And my friends they just love it. Preparation time 15 mins, cooling down in fridge min. 3h.

Ingredients (serves 4)

* 450 gr strawberries

* 2 eggs (separate the yolk and the white)

* 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

* 60 gr white sugar

* 250 gr mascarpone cheese

* 1 cup of strong coffee (« espresso »)

* amaretto

* 8 finger biscuits


Clean the strawberries and cut them into different pieces.

Put the egg white with the vanilla sugar in the blender and blend untill the egg white is whipped up.

Put the egg yolk together with the mascarpone & the white sugar in the blender and blend for 2-3 minutes. Add slowly the whipped egg white and stirr with a wooden spoon untill you obtain a smooth egg cream.

Take a champagne glass and fill it as follow:

* strawberries

* 2 finger biscuits (you’ve rolled them in the coffee mixed with Amaretto and you’ve broken them into pieces)

* the egg cream

* strawberries again

* and finish with a layer of the egg cream

Fill three more glasses.

Min. 3h in the fridge and when you serve them, don’t forget to decorate with some fresh mint (what I clearly forgot if you have a good look at my picture 🤪).



A coffee will do

DC64824E-A47A-4DB8-A90E-E1371FC5A2A4OMG how delicious looks this little treat? Chocolate and whipped cream. And meringue! Hmmm my belly would enjoy a lot. But I’m a strong woman. I won’t touch this beauty. A coffee will do. I’m getting married within 5 days and I’m still motivated to go on with the healthy way of eating. Lost almost 5kg, very proud, very happy!