Couque Suisse


Couque Suisse is a viennoiserie sweet rol, filled with pastry cream and raisins, topped with fondant icing. Somewhat similar to a Danish pastry. It’s a real sugar bomb! And I only allow these once a while… They are just perfect for a Sunday breakfast with my love xxx


Pancakes with strawberries and honey

B9823823-CC38-431C-8F24-E413AB594546Just fab! Pancakes with strawberries and honey. Smiling faces all around in the house. And I have to admit, I adore the picture. Definately one of my best shots. So proud!


F0D5CC3B-155E-48A9-8CF3-22B0D6DF314DPerfect breakkie for a Monday morning. Difficult start of the week, we need some encouragement 👍

I prefer a donut with chocolate. My husband prefers one without chocolate and he adds some jam on it. I think we’re both okay now to go to work 🤪


Wanna have a chocolat?

CB118F74-9284-42EA-AA84-A4B4A3E2664EFriday evening, staying home, which is convenient for my healthy foodprogram untill the beginning of June. No alcohol tonight.

But I do think I deserve a little something 😜 so of this whole collection I may choose one (and yes, only one!) chocolat… Hmmm…


Banana Nutella Pancakes

6C49AE11-01B7-4658-95BE-5C8BEE397303.jpegNot for me, just for him. That’s real love! I have to admit they smell delicious and as a Nutella die-hard fan, not easy at all not to touch. Thinking about the 2nd of June…


Raspberry cake


Raspberry everywhere… You really need to love raspberries to love this cake. Fresh raspberries, raspberry meringue and raspberry mousse. It’s all raspberry o’clock! @Wittamer


Happy Valentine ❤️


I’ve been ill since 4 days. Sleeping in my bed. No food, just drinking water and more water. Terrible feeling. And what do I miss the cooking…

Anyway, wanted to share with you my Valentine gift. The plan was to go out for dinner but yeah… it’ll be for next time. So happy with this little box of chocolats (Wittamer – Sablon, Brussels). Don’t forget, chocolats are a women’s best friend 😜😜😜


Vanilla pudding

675E95D5-1176-4792-A144-10F176EE907EA relaxing Saturday evening at home, that doesn’t happen often. Lying in the sofa, watching television. And all of a sudden… I want something sweet, something warm, something delicious,… No chocolate, no biscuits. I know, I want vanilla pudding. Have not eaten this since ages! Ready in about 5-10 minutes, all you need is vanilla pudding powder, sugar and milk.

I’m really going to enjoy these…


You can finish them with some fruit like strawberries, raspberries, bleuberries,… or whipped cream.


Star Wars cake

D52B202D-30EB-4422-8572-C416D4C6E4C0Lewis celebrated his 5th birthday and he got this fantastic Star Wars birthday cake. Chocolate and whipped cream. He was so happy, the little fellow…

Star Wars cake @Delicioso (Burst)


Chocolate mousse cake

46CA879C-1552-4837-9BAE-02CA82880A3DThe best dessert ever! Only for chocolate lovers. Okay, don’t count calories. Forget about your diet. Just close your eyes and enjoy…

The cake has different layers of chocolate (dark chocolate & milk chocolate), a cocoa biscuit with almonds and a glace of dark chocolat. Heaven 🤩