Chocolate mousse cake

46CA879C-1552-4837-9BAE-02CA82880A3DThe best dessert ever! Only for chocolate lovers. Okay, don’t count calories. Forget about your diet. Just close your eyes and enjoy…

The cake has different layers of chocolate (dark chocolate & milk chocolate), a cocoa biscuit with almonds and a glace of dark chocolat. Heaven 🤩



6th of January: Epiphany – king cake

A7CD2F87-47DE-4AAB-881F-6028584C69B6The king cake (or also called three kings cake) is a cake associated with the Epiphany festival at the end of the Christmas season. Some countries associate it with the Mardi Gras/Carnival celebrations. Inside the cake you’ll find a bean or a small figurine. The one who gets the piece with the bean/small figurine inside, can call him/herself king or queen of the day.