3B603E46-1FFE-494E-8A19-D4F4AC045EE9It’s hot baby and I need a nice drink. LOL. Nothing better than a nice gin and tonic. My favourite gin… That’s a difficult one. I have several ones I really adore: Tanqueray, Hendrick’s, The Botanist, Monkey 47,… And you, which one is your number one?


Tapas por favor!

95748396-57F2-44B6-8043-DBBD42F353FCOne of these great summer afternoons. Sun is shining, people are happy. No reason to go home straight away after work. Taking time to relax and enjoy @pepete_and_ronron (lepage) – Brussels. Some tapas: Serrano ham, green and black olives, anchovies and lots of garlic. And an Aperol Spritz please. Life is beautiful!

Schweppes « virgin mojito »

02BC4CEF-908C-452C-AEA0-4B9167F4D597Did you ever try this one? I can only advice it to you.

Schweppes « virgin mojito » . A fresh and tasty softdrink.

My recipe for a cocktail: Bombay Saphhire Gin, Schweppes Virgin Mojito, ice cubes, a slice of lime and some fresh mint. What a taste. You’ll love it!

My recipe for a mocktail: Schweppes Virgin Mojito, ice cubes, a slice of lime and some fresh mint. You don’t even taste the difference and you don’t realise this one is alcohol-free. Cheers!

Oysters & champagne

What a beautiful day it was today. Sunshine all the way, 29ºC, feeling blessed. And as we’re living in Belgium where it’s most of the time cold and gray, we immediately go out on those days and leave all our « to do’s » at home.

We had a walk and when the moment arrived we were getting thirsty, we bumped into a nice and cosy little fish bar. Perfect moment for a glass of champagne and some oysters. Ohh what can life be so beautiful!



Went out last night to disover a new place at Place St-Catherine: Comptoir Be Burger. A trendy place that attracks young and old. Or you can go for a drink, or for a meal, or combine both of them. Price/quality is top! Sam the bartender knows what he is doing and he is doing it dawn very well 😜

We went to taste a few new G&T creations.

The first one was made of Bombay Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, orange and lemon zest, slices of apple (Granny Smith), redcurrant and black peppercorns, thyme. Very soft taste, perfect match of flavours!

The second one was made of Bombay Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, slices of lemon, half a passion fruit, redcurrant and rosemary. Feels like you’re in heaven!

What a night 🍸🍸🍸