Pasta with prawns

3AEB68CD-CBAD-4D28-A421-A367C66737FESuch an easy peasy recipe, such a great taste!

Pasta with prawns in a tomato-cream sauce.

Perfect dinner for a Monday evening. Or in other words, how to prepare a nice pasta with only a few ingredients?



Boil the spaghetti following the instructions on the package. I use to go for the spaghettini nº1 from Soubry. Ready in 3-4 minutes.

Heat some olive oil in a frying pan and fry a shallot & some fresh garlic for 2-3 minutes. Then add tomato paste (tomato puree). I always use the one from Elvea1885 because for me it’s simply the best. Add the cream (you can go for a law-fat one). Stir a few times and let the sauce thicken. When the sauce is thick enough (in general after 15-20 minutes), add the prawns and let simmer for a few more minutes.

Serve the pasta with the creamy prawns. Finalize your dish by adding some fresh basil and black pepper. Enjoy!


Bruschetta in egyptian style

58F53548-B0E2-49BB-A620-0CC1E69E9FF9I’m back 🤩 Told you we were going on holiday to Egypt. The plan was to shoot food dishes every day so that I could keep my food blog running.

But oh no… when I arrived I knew straight away this wouldn’t happen. No WiFi… didn’t know that countries without WiFi still exist? On top of that, the 4* hotel was a nightmare. The food and drinks were terrible. Only local alcoholic drinks. I can’t describe the food, it was just awful. I had chicken and rice every noon and evening. It was the only « dish » I could more or less eat. Never ever go to the Marina Lodge hotel in Marsa Alam.

One evening we had enough of it and we took a shuttle bus to Port Ghalib. A very nice and cosy little place. We had a drink, a good (!!!) drink @Wunder-Bar Deli. This bar opened his doors a couple of weeks ago. They serve different kind of pretty cocktails – we had a Mojito and a G&T. Perfectly mixed, cheers. We also ordered some bruschetta, prepared in an egyptian style. Some sort of pizza bottom with tomatoes, cut in cubes. Fresh basil and olive oil on top. The « habibies » were ready to attack some good food!

« Habibi » means my darling (if you say it to a woman),    « Habiti » means the same but it is used when you say it to a man. Not sure if correctly spelled tough… 👍

Strawberries & watermelon

7721F516-A215-4F98-A1E9-CBC712FF5487This one you should try out! Schweppes zero with strawberry taste – available @DelhaizeBelgium. I added some water, pieces of watermelon and fresh basil. Let it cool in the fridge for 2 hours. You’ll be surprised, it’s a great taste and low in calories. I like ❤️


BF97047B-9349-4A5A-A447-14CCAF3E9554Just before leaving on holiday, we went to see the grand-children. The little one of 5, Lewis, asked his granddad to surprise him with a good lunch. And of course the granddad couldn’t resist 😄

Croque-Monsieur aka a ham and cheese toast with cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Nicely decorated with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. He made me laugh! A beautiful plate, no?

Pain au chocolat

6F16A7F6-32E5-420E-8966-EF2990442886This is how I started yesterday my last day at work. Leaving on Sunday. One week of well deserved holidays. Going to Egypt. Sun, sea, beach, swimming pool,… and lots of drinks, food and fun. My program of the following 7 days. Out of the office for my colleagues, but don’t worry I’ll keep on posting my favourite food dishes for you guys!

Cod fillet and vegetables

A16E0762-92B3-47CA-9EE8-00091C182931Nothing more tasty than a nice piece of cod fillet that has been fried in real butter in a frying pan. Just season it with salt and pepper. I love to eat it with vegetables, a lot of vegetables! You don’t need patatoes, french fries or mashed patatoes. Just cod fillet and vegetables. I had carrots, green asparagus, watercress, mushrooms and broccoli. Steam them and finish them in the frying pan. Delicious…

Seafood-rice with a tarragon touch

ADD87FD2-794B-419F-B00C-83B28CD2048AWe all know the famous « pasta with seafood ».

I wanted to try out something similar but different… Seafood yes, but only mussels and grey shrimps (much more tasty than the pink shrimps). And instead of pasta we’ll go for white rice.

Cook the rice following the package instructions.

Heat 2 spoons of olive oil in a frying pan. Add one red onion cut in slices. After 3-4 minutes add some mushrooms cut in slices. Followed by mussels (these are leftovers from yesterday’s famous belgian mussels dinner) and grey shrimps. Let cook for 5 minutes.

Finally add the cooked white rice and again 2 spoons of olive oil. Stir for a couple of more minutes and serve on your plate. Don’t forget to decorate with fresh tarragon. Enjoy your meal!


EC29F394-CFF6-4B60-9476-7F7CBBDF3EDBLike me very surprised that Châteauneuf-du-Pape also has white wine? They are so famous for their gorgeous red wine that I just supposed they only produce red wine. But oh no! And their white wine is as good as their red. We had this bottle from 2016 and we enjoyed it on this sunny afternoon. Not to dry and not to sweet. Just perfect. Cheers!


D5E969E3-F5C4-4C3E-B362-DC87166B02D1Mezze is served in a lot of different countries, often as a snack to accompany alcoholic drinks or as an appetizer before a multi-course meal. These are different small dishes.

In this restaurant where the owners have greek roots, they served it as follow: meatballs, feta with herbs and olive oil, grape vine leaves stuffed with minced lamb, shrimps, tzatziki, tarama, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. More than enough, don’t need a main course after this lovely dish. Very tasty, very colourful. Hmm!