Sardines @ABC Mateos

3F2ECB26-4664-400F-BAB7-3C0E73B62F04I’ve found my life motto: « eat, drink & socialize ». I love to go out and have a drink. I love to meet new people. I love to enjoy some good food. I love to laugh. I love to live. That’s it.

No better place to do this than at our favourite Spanish tapasbar ABC Mateos @St-Catherine (Brussels). Max is preparing the tapas, his wife Leo is serving drinks and she’s the one who gives us all the good vibes. We love to visit this place. And we often stay a couple of hours. Today I had some grilled sardines, lovely! This is life…


Greek Pasta lunch box

869982CD-9622-4836-9E05-08703AAC9282This is a great lunch dish! Easy peasy!

Greek pasta is what I call « in between rice and pasta ». Feta cheese, cucumber and lots of cherry tomatoes in all kind of summer colours. Final touch is olive oil and chives. Hmmmm!

By the way, discovered these @Sistema lunch boxes. I love them! So many different forms and sizes. For sandwiches, salads, soup, fruit, … very good price/quality!



Yesterday we had a kind of teambuilding. How to react on changes and how to prepare our new way of working. A whole-day-workshop in the Novotel St-Catherine | Brussels. Indeed, next to my door, 5 minutes walk. What a comfort!

Starting with a good breakfast is essential. I saw these cute granola jars in glass. Pay attention to the names of the different granolas: shocking chocolate, sneaky cinnamon, crumbling coconut, whizzy walnut.

Which one would you like to taste?!



Pasta with peas and bacon

66A6C1F2-5EE2-4D04-8C52-7820AA15B633Time to try out a new recipe. I wanted a new kind of pasta dish. And something with peas. Let’s start…

Ingredients: short pasta, olive oil, red onion, spring peas, bacon (salted), red chili flakes, fresh mint, lime, parmesan cheese.



Cook the pasta « al dente » following the instructions on the package.

Prepare the other ingredients as follow:


Mix the pasta with the peas-preparation, add red chili flakes, parmesan cheese and decorate with fresh mint. Ready to be served. Enjoy this summer pasta dish xxx



Cherry tomatoes. Mozzarella di buffala. Black pepper. Lettuce. Olive oil and a spoon of champagne vinegar. Grissini. So easy, so tasty. Ready in 5 minutes. A perfect lunch on a working day. Got all these @OkayBelgium. And took for the first time these Grissini. Good stuff.



078A65AD-B7A7-4190-BD09-7980296E7D35Sunday we were invited for a birthday party. A little group of 10 people. Our hostess Elka is Equatorian and she loves cooking. I’m always excited when I’m invited to her house. For sure it won’t be the classic belgian dishes we get served.

It was a lovely, sunny day. Just perfect. We even jumped in the swimming pool. The water was only 21ºC, a little bit freezing LOL.

Elka prepared us a Paella with seafood: gamba’s, prawns, mussels, calamares, clams,… Freshly prepared, hours of work. What an amazing taste! Thank you Elka 😘

Coffee o’clock

6D90C8F8-944B-4AAA-A5E4-F7FCCC689699When you’re a real coffee lover, every moment of the day is a good moment to have a cup of coffee.

When I get up, my favourite one is a black coffee. At work, I prefer a coffee with cream. When I go out to enjoy a coffee, I choose a macchiato (sometimes I add vanilla or caramel sirup). Or after dinner, it’ll be an italian coffee, one with Amaretto.

Which one is your number one?

Summer dinner

BBC4F8D2-23B4-421A-8424-BC6F57AE8B58I like the combination of warm (sausages) and cold (Ebly salad) food in this dish.

The BBQ ausages are fried in olive oil in a frying pan. Some black pepper, salt and red chili flakes.

Beside that, a fresh summer salad with Ebly (which you let cool down after boiling), tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olive oil with garlic.

Enjoy your meal!