Ebly, chicken, pineapple & mango coconut dressing

65731A02-F334-4F81-8FC1-7C8E6E535CB0Told you I was trying out some new sauces and dressings this week. Yesterday we went diving in the Netherlands and instead of having fat sandwiches or just biscuits, I decided to prepare us a little dish.

By the way, those eatboxes from « Sistema » are just perfect as you can separate the food and you only need to put it all together on the moment you’re really going to eat it. That way, all your ingredients stay crispy and tasty!

For the mango coconut dressing (based on the recipe from Sandra Bekkari, a famous belgian food specialist), I used the following ingredients (dressing for 2p): 1/4 mango, 1/4 apple with skin (pink lady), 50ml coconut milk, a touch of turmeric, black pepper and a tiny but of salt. Mix all ingredients for 1 minute in the blender. Suits very well with turkey,  chicken or fish like cod.




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