Green asparagus and ham

11C5DF83-09E1-4EB8-B8A4-7A657025D2DFAgain another great salad. Green asparagus with ham. And a lot of tomatoes and cucumber. Some green and black olives. And boiled potatoes with shallot, chives and mayonnaise. A dish full of taste and full of flavours. I love this sunny summer time! Fingers crossed for Saturday… wedding day is coming and I do hope it’ll be a day full of sunshine and joy xxx


Tasty water

15C889D1-B698-4FC7-B0F1-7A406C607FCBDrinking at least 1,5L of water a day. It is a real challenge for me and I need to go to the toilet every 30 minutes. They say your body get used to it, but not mine LOL. Need to pee all the time 🤪

You need to be creative otherwise you get quickly bored with water. Admit, no taste at all. So you need to pimp it the way you like. I try often different combinations and this one I’d like to share with you: orange and fresh mint. Nice and refreshing!

Sushi Lunch


Homeworking today… means a little bit more flexibility for lunch. And as the future husband (remember, getting married within 5 days ahhhh) came home for lunch, he surprised me with this good looking sushi. Salmon stays for me the best ingredient for sushi. And you, what kind of sushi you prefer?

PS As you can see on the picture, I’m not the only sushi fan in the house…

A coffee will do

DC64824E-A47A-4DB8-A90E-E1371FC5A2A4OMG how delicious looks this little treat? Chocolate and whipped cream. And meringue! Hmmm my belly would enjoy a lot. But I’m a strong woman. I won’t touch this beauty. A coffee will do. I’m getting married within 5 days and I’m still motivated to go on with the healthy way of eating. Lost almost 5kg, very proud, very happy!

Tuna Fiesta

716CBF94-9E3E-493A-8A63-186555229453This is what we call a perfectly served tuna with sesame seeds on top. With different vegetables. Take those you prefer, I went for carrots, grean beans and zucchini, fried in a frying pan with olive oil.

A healthy dish full of proteins and vitamins. You don’t even need french fries or white rice to accompany. More than enough different tastes and for sure you’re not hungry anymore after this nice piece of tuna!

Enjoy your meal x

Boiled egg in an eggcup

C93DC37D-C4E0-4683-AB59-E8DD000C02A2Hard boiled eggs are cooked so that the egg white and egg yolk both solidify, while for a soft boiled egg the white, and sometimes the yolk, remain at least partially liquid.

I prefer soft boiled eggs. I adore the egg yolk to be partially liquid as I put my bread in it and I fully enjoy this taste. Cooking time depends, I’d say between 3 and 5 minutes. And don’t forget a bit of seasalt and some black pepper. Happy Sunday to all of you!

Oesterdam Hamburger

Yesterday we ended our diving day @ Oesterdam Waterrijk in Tholen (the Netherlands). As always, tired in a good way, after having enjoyed diving. And starving!

We allow us once a week a little extra and this time we went for a real hamburger (minced beef, salad, tomato, cucumber, fried bacon and cheese) with fries. The typical fast food, but here it’s made with fresh ingredients and… with love. Hmmm, a real treat!