Beef consommé with ravioli and spring onions

09BD682A-7BDA-40B9-935C-7A28EABC19E3Sunday we had our annual newyear’s lunch with the family. We went to De Voet van Keizer Karel in Wambeek (Ternat). It’s a farmhouse on the coutryside, they serve french-belgian dishes.

All their dishes are prepared with lots of love, you can simply taste it! One of the suggestions was this lovely beef consommé, which is a clear soup. The ravioli were filled with mushrooms. The combination of all these flavours made you feel like being in heaven 👍


Lamb chops in tomato sauce with roasted potatoes

D965C28B-5E02-4740-B0F5-C0AB200E296ELamb chops are so easy to prepare! Fry 2-3 minutes each side in a frying pan with olive oil and garlic. Prepare aside a tomato gravy by heating some lamb stock with tomato passata. Let it simmer during 15 minutes. Salt and pepper. As simple as can be. Goes perfectly with roasted potatoes. Just before serving you finish the potatoes by adding some sea salt. Enjoy those rich flavours!

Le Vismet – Brussels

D716D9FE-5E42-4CB9-865C-2B9EEC731076This week we had our annual teamlunch. We are 7 and we all love good food. Choices to be made:

° asian, italian, greek or belgian cuisine?

° meat or fish?

° where in Brussels?

Our final choice, the winner is… Le Vismet (Place St-Catherine, Brussels). A lunch for 22€, top quality food! Excellent wine. Friendly staff. A magic moment!

As a starter we had Thai style soupe with scallops and coconut milk


As main course, fillet of redfish with a gratin of winter vegetables and butter sauce with chives


This is to me the best fishrestaurant in Brussels! It was just perfect…

Candy cake

CDC8CA99-01C4-4841-A0DB-F6E77CF2401F@Hokus Pokus Toverbol – Deinze

The grandson Lewis celebrates his 5th birthday.

What will we get him? Boys and their toys… euh he has already a full shop of toys at home. Clothes, yeah good idea… oh no, too difficult and what about the two wardrobes full of clothes… Money? Always useful but so impersonal.

And so came the idea of a candy cake. Kids adore candy and this gift looks pretty nice!

Cod fillet with a gravy of crayfish and gray shrimps

3E4C15B2-C733-4187-B904-C025121CA1AD@Kom Bij Ma – Place St Catherine – Brussels

Friday evening was an unexpected dinner out. We went with a couple of friends to Kom Bij Ma, located on the beautiful Place St Catherine in Brussels.

Eric, the owner, is a friend of us and we like the typical belgian dishes he serves. Carbonnade Flamande, Vol-au-vent, Steak frites, Moules frites, Stoemp,… This time I took one of the suggestions. Cod fillet with a gravy of crayfish and gray shrimps. Served with a puree of leek. Hmm!

Gnocchi with smoked bacon

8460561F-70A4-462D-8F8C-144DED94BAE7Gnocchi with smoked bacon in « my secret sauce ».

Looks familiar to what we call a bolognaise sauce but has its own specific ingredients… Instead of minced beef, I use smoked bacon stripes. Instead of normal tomatoes, I use cherry tomatoes. Beside the tomato puree, I also add white wine and  brow veal stock. Could sound like a strange combination, but you need to try it out. Once all ingredients are added in the frying pan (see recipe below), let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.




New spices

7FD3D1A9-7CCF-4E06-96BE-B20161465600I discovered these spices @Delhaize. Not only they look very cute, they also have a new, refreshing taste to me.

The Very Cheesy Mix goes perfectly with cheese (of course), apricot and honey. What a sweet taste!

The Fish Mix gives your fish dishes a touch of lemon and pink berries. What a freshness!

The Extravaganza Mix is my favourite one, truffle flavour at its best. I’m in heaven!

Happy b-day

03D00CC4-91BD-4C6D-9CF2-D16959F4EE85When it’s your litlle brother’s birthday and you’re all excited about it. He’s turning 26y old today. Remember those days when you were still a baby and I was 14y old, taking care of you like you were my baby 😜 love u xxx

Redfish fillet in a creamy white wine sauce

E83977F5-3C58-4DAD-8FAC-9C0E950099CEI told you already at noon that I am in a fish mood today. I want to try out fish I’ve never prepared before. And of course if has to be fillet otherwise the husband will not touch his dish. He once swallowed a fish-bone that got stuck in his throat and now he’s terrified.

Redfish fillet. Full of taste, easy to prepare, delicious with a creamy white wine sauce and mushrooms. Served with 100gr of white rice.

Recipe of the creamy white wine sauce

1. Chop 2 shallots and fry them in olive oil in a frying pan until soft

2. Add some chopped mushrooms to the pan along with 150ml white wine (I use a Chardonnay) and simmer for 10 minutes

3. Pour in the cream and simmer further for 10 minutes until the sauce has a nice (slightly thick) texture